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25 Worst Real Product Names Ever!

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Are the people who thought of these names brilliant, or just oblivious? Either way, I enjoy their work

If that is what you are going for, I think a normal moisturizing lotion would work better than an insect repellant.


This is so much better if you imagine instead of Mc it’s actually M.C. It would make a GREAT rap name…


Ladies, please rub Nad’s on yourself. You’ll thank us later.


This is the preferred MP3 player of the Los Angeles police department.


This is how you feel after a few Swedish meatballs.


Is that a cheese grater on this box of rape? I’m going to have nightmares.


Wait. Do you CHEW this gum, or do something else with it?


The NoVag chess computer has exactly the right name


I never knew that “goo-goo, gah-gah” was referencing poop. Good to know.


It’s so literal!


Is there a similar glove product for in the stink?


These are best taken slowly.


Who doesn’t sitting down for a good Cockburns?


I thought love was universal and didn’t smell any different because of your race…


Wait. What kind of wind?


This is a real product. I think they are direct competitors with gaydar.


I didn’t know that this needed a special product. Won’t Goo Gone work?


This was probably invented by a very sadistic bully.


There is no way this product is as fun as it sounds…


For your pedos that love Sci-fi.


Is it made with real placenta? I don’t want to use any of that fake placenta stuff…


If you ever wanted to know what Spunk tasted like, it tastes like intense salty licorice. So, gross.


Why yes, I think I WILL skip the rape. Thanks.


Don’t try and fool us with that capitalized DEX. We know you are spelled Retardex.


Well, it IS better than nothing.


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