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3 Fan Theories That Might Change The Way You Look At The Dark Knight Trilogy

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The Dark Knight trilogy is one of the most successful film franchises in history. In addition to the boatloads (or should I say, BATloads? No, I shouldn’t) of money the movies generated, the films were also hailed critically. Many people have given a lot of thought to the events of Batman BeginsThe Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises, and although most of those people were coming up with erotic fan fiction, a few of the smarter ones were devising crazy theories. Here are a few of my favorite Dark Knight fan theories.

The Joker is a war veteran

joker veteran
Did you know they have cards in the military?

This fan theory is one of the most popular Dark Knight theories on the internet, and with good cause. Redditor hokky seems to have popularized it, but the evidence for this theory is so strong, surely lots of other people noticed it as well.

The case for:

While the Joker of Tim Burton’s Batman was an expert chemist, the Christopher Nolan Joker has the kind of skills you would expect from a combat veteran or special ops solider. He’s a tactical genius, pulling off complicated heists and an almost impossible jailbreak. He is proficient in hand to hand combat and small arms (including RPGs), and also is an expert in explosives.

dark knight fan theor
The work of an expert.

Beyond that, he seems to be trained to resist interrogation/torture. He even gives Batman tips — “never start with the head! The victim gets all… fuzzy.” — so it’s possible the Joker either performed “enhanced interrogations” on behalf of the US government in the past, or was captured/ tortured as a prisoner of war. Is that where he got those scars?

Is that military-issue lipstick?

Or maybe his face as injured in an IED explosion? Talking to Harvey Dent in the hospital, he says, “If, tomorrow, I tell the press that, like, a gang banger will get shot, or a truckload of soldiers will be blown up, nobody panics, because it’s all “part of the plan.”

We also know Joker is familiar with the world of criminals (the gang bangers), so it’s not a stretch to assume that his life experience includes exploding army trucks as well.

dark knight fan theory
Clown nurses will never live this scene down.

The Joker calls himself an agent of chaos, and all his plans seem to center around exposing society as a facade that crumbles in the face of “a few drums of gas and a couple of bullets”. The Joker thinks he knows the true, dark nature of man, because he’s seen men at their absolute worst … murdering each other in combat.

The case against:

Just because you know military stuff, doesn’t mean you were in the military. Batman is an expert in all types of combat skills, and he’s never been in the army — probably because their uniforms weren’t dark and edgy enough. Perhaps the Joker trained himself or was trained by the League of Shadows? (oooh, another fan theory!)


The Joker doesn’t want to kill Harvey Dent, he wants to expose him as Batman

dark knight fund raiser
“Let her go” WAS poor phrasing.

The Joker wasn’t interested in killing either Dent or Batman, he was interested in destroying what they stood for. And he thinks they’re the same person.

The case for:

At the Fundraiser Bruce Wayne throws to raise money for Harvey Dent, Batman and Rachel both end up falling out of the damn building, The movie doesn’t it show it, but Joker and his thugs are still there, and they still want Harvey Dent. Why don’t they continue looking for him?

As Redditor poeir put it:

“First, when the Joker arrived at Bruce’s fundraiser for Harvey Dent, the Joker wasn’t randomly killing people — he had a plan, and part of what made his plans horrifying was his ability to tell the police exactly who he was going to kill and then kill them. Killing random bystanders doesn’t accomplish that. When the Batman (who the Joker thinks is Harvey Dent) jumps out the window to rescue Rachel, the Joker expects them to be the same person, so there’s no reason to keep looking for Harvey Dent at the party.”

The case against:

If Joker thinks Harvey Dent is Batman, the jail break plot and double kidnapping of Rachel and Dent doesn’t make sense. It’s an insanely complicated plan, and the Joker lets himself get captured as a distraction. If he thought Dent was Batman, why would he set up the kidnapping?


Bruce Wayne died at the End Of The Dark Knight Rises

batman dark knight dead

60 seconds away from the city? TOTALLY SAFE!

You know at the end of The Dark Knight Rises, when Alfred sees Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle casually having breakfast? Yeah, that’s fake. Overcome with grief about the death of the man that was pretty much his son, Alfred is merely imagining what a happy ending for Bruce Wayne would look like.

The case for:

It’s ridiculous that fake-dead Bruce Wayne would walk around in public looking exactly the same as not-dead Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne isn’t just a normal billionaire, he’s a world-famous billionaire, who has been on television and magazines and newspapers. He’s so famous they do news stories on how much he loves partying.

bruce wayne party
The band LMFAO had this exact same problem.

Bruce Wayne, supposedly one of the smartest men in the world, is going to casually sit down at a crowded café without even wearing a disguise? BRUCE WAYNE LOVES DISGUISES – THEY ARE KIND OF HIS THING. This would be like Donald Trump faking his own death, then two weeks later showing up at a Taco Bell in Philadelphia during the lunch rush. There’s a good chance someone is going to notice. Besides, if Bruce wanted Alfred to know that he was alive, couldn’t he send him a letter or an email or a snapchat or do anything
that didn’t expose to the world that Bruce Wayne’s death was a hoax?

batman dark knight dead

Did I forget my fake mustache? Oh well.

Also, why would Batman stop being Batman? The city of Gotham has been under siege for months, many of the prisoners from Blackgate prison have been released, and the police are in shambles. If there ever was a good time for a billionaire philanthropist and genius crime fighter to stick around and help out, that was it. Batman said he would give everything including his life to the people of Gotham, but he has a change of heart and decides to fly to Europe and bang Catwoman?

dark knight fan theory
On second thought, not a terrible idea.

The case against:

Besides the “fear gas” sequences in Batman Begins, nothing else in the trilogy is presented as a figment of the imagination or fake. So Alfred probably does see real Bruce Wayne sitting there. I guess people in that café just don’t follow dead billionaire celebrity news.

Which was your favorite fan theory? Do you think these have merit? Let us know in the comments below!


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