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30 Best Pinatas Ever

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It’s Cinco De Mayo and there’s going to be lots of pinatas smashed during the festivities. Here are the 30 best ones we’ve ever seen!

What’s your pinata look like?

Sponge Bob Pinata

White House Pinata

Lego Pinata

Penis Pinata

Bowser Pinata

Math Dork Pinata

Chain Chomp Pinata

Castro Pinata

Computer Pinata

Boobie Pinata

Yo Gabba Gabba Pinata

Batman Pinata

Kirby Pinata

Mario Pinata

Pokeball Pinata

Raphael Pinata

Pirates of the Caribbean Pinata

Hulk Pinata

Corona Pinata

Butt Pinata

Red Ranger Pinata

Masked Wrestler Pinatas

Spam Pinata

Turtwig Pinata

Domo Pinata

Lady Pinata

Wall-E Pinata

Sonic Pinata

World’s 2nd Largest Pinata

World’s Largest Pinata

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