5 Big Hints They’re Not Into You

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You know that movie “He’s Just Not That Into You”? Well, forget everything you learned from that piece of crap, because THIS is how you tell if a guy or girl thinks you’re below their dating standards.

1. They back away from you when you get closer.

No. They’re not touchy about personal space. You’re just too close and probably have some sort of distinct odor that is unpleasing to them. Back off and move on.

2. They throw things at you in a non-flirty way.

It should be fairly obvious. A pillow can be flirty. A small object that won’t cause injury upon impact can be flirty. Bricks are not flirty.

3. Whenever you’re around they state how all of a sudden they feel the need to take a shower.

I know you probably thought at first this was a good thing. “Wow! A person who showers as much as I go to the bathroom! We can spend so many lovely hours together!” But I’m afraid you are horribly mistaken. You probably need  a good hose-down yourself, as well as some acne cream, and a tub of Nair.

4. They tell you about how much you’d like their friend.

This “friend” is generally uglier or fatter or socially awkward. Sorry. But at least you know now where you should set your standards!

5. When someone says “Go away from me you raving lunatic! I would never go near you even if you paid me and topped it off with a free iPod. SHOO! SHOOOO!”

I’m actually not too sure about this one. This person might still be interested.

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