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5 Cute Japanese Cars

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Smosh-pit blogger Lance blogs from his new home in Japan!


Everyone knows Japanese cars are the envy of the world. Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, the list goes on and on.

But not many of us get to see cars that the Japanese have been coming up with for themselves.

Inspired by anime, manga and sci-fi, these are the cutest cars coming soon to a tiny, tiny parking space near you. (If you move to Japan…)


Honda “Puyo”

The Puyo is a soft car. It’s literally covered in a soft gel-like covering made to feel nice when someone touches it. It’s also made to look adorable! Puyo even sounds like the word for touching and moving rubbery stuff. Puyoooo!

They haven’t been put into production yet, but if they are, they’ll fit right in on the streets of Tokyo. On the streets of Los Angeles…?

Probably better off in a bulletproof SUV.


Honda EV “CUB”

The Cub is a throw back car meant to look like smiling happy version of their old N360 model.

But instead of leaded gasoline, this baby runs on happy feelings…and electricity. Smile!


Daikin Energy Company Car

Daikin is a company known for air conditioners, purifiers and eco-products in Japan.

They also happen to have a cute mascot.

So they put the two together and POW!

Cute cars to service all their wonderful products around Japan.

I still think it looks suspiciously like a “Slime” from Dragon Quest.


Pokémon Car

Naturally, there is a Pikachu Car roving the streets of Japan.

Made by Toyota… I wonder what the mileage is on this thing?


Nissan Pivo 2

The Nissan Pivo has a bubbly design with wheels that rotate to allow for easy parking. That’s pretty cool…

…but the best part has got to be the ROBOT ASSISTANT standard with every Pivo2!

He even responds to your verbal commands and questions.

Watch the demo video here!

Won’t be long before we reach Flight Of The Navigator level.

(For those who don’t know Flight of The Navigator)

Would you drive one of these things around your town? Would you move to Japan so you could own one? Let us know in the comments below!


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