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5 Dead Celebrities That People Think Are Still Alive

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When a celebrity passes away, many people mourn, a few don’t pay attention, and far too many immediately start hoping/thinking/screaming that the celebrity isn’t dead at all. Why do they do it? How do they convince themselves it’s true? Why must every damn thing become a conspiracy? Just ask those who truly believe the following famous individuals still walk among us, probably while wearing sunglasses or fake beards.

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley in 70’s Hawaii

Why People Think He Is Still Alive: Elvis Presley’s tombstone misspells his middle name (“Aaron” instead of “Aron”), leading people to believe it was a wax figure in Elvis’s open coffin smelling of fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches. There are reports of a black helicopter landing at Elvis’s Graceland home just before his body was discovered, causing some to speculate that The King faked his own death, fled the country, and today just attends karaoke bars in Argentina repeatedly singing ”Suspicious Minds”.  Supposedly, a life insurance policy in his name has yet to be claimed, meaning either he did not die, that policy doesn’t actually exist, or his daughter Lisa Marie Presley is only just now hearing about it in this Smosh article.

Tupac Shakur

Tupac Shakur smiling

Why People Think He Is Still Alive: On his final album, Tupac changed his name to “Makaveli”, a nod to Italian Renaissance philosopher Machiavelli who wrote about faking his own death to escape his enemies … but didn’t because even back then people could tell real blood from sauce. Many cite the leaked autopsy photo of Tupac as evidence that his death was faked, and that the corpse was immediately cremated so no one could prove the body was not his. This news may disturb Tupac’s friends who supposedly smoked his ashes. Tupac has released 487 albums since his death, so it’s not hard to believe he’s in the studio right now recording another 800.

Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison portrait

Why People Think He Is Still Alive: Facing three paternity suits and possible jail time at the time of his death, some believe John Morrison faked his own death. Almost no family or friends attended his funeral, implying everyone knew he wasn’t really dead (or that they didn’t want to spring for a cold cut platter). Jim often spoke about faking how own death and moving to Africa to avoid fame, court hearings, and the eventual need to play reunion concerts at state fairs with REO Speedwagon.

Andy Kaufman

Andy Kaufman as Latka in Taxi

Why People Think He Is Still Alive: Kaufman had a history of playing with people’s perceptions of reality, including performing as an alter-ego, Tony Clifton. His own brother Michael believes he is still alive, having supposedly received a note from Andy after his death saying he was alive, cancer-free, and in hiding. It’s possible anyone could have written that note, though. There is also video claiming to show Kaufman living in New Mexico, although it may have been shot by Kaufman with another person playing him. You can’t rule out anything when it comes to Andy Kaufman.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana of Wales

Why People Think She Is Still Alive: Many believe faking her own death was the perfect way for Princess Di to avoid both the royal family and public scrutiny, despite having two children she adored. Countless people have claimed to see Princess Di shopping, eating, and doing things things that millions of women with short blonde hair and British accents do. Many think video of William and Kate’s wedding shows the Princess in attendance, hiding behind a church column, and probably signing her name to another someone else’s gift.

Which celebrities do you think are STILL alive?