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5 Horror Movie Heroines That Could Kick Your Butt

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Have you seen the trailer for House at the End of the Street? It’s the horror film where someone is trying to kill Jennifer Lawrence – something I am STRONGLY against because she seems nice. Here’s the trailer.


I now distrust ALL houses, and I haven’t even seen the movie yet.


Now although Jennifer Lawrence’s Elissa carries on the proud tradition of being a kick-ass horror movie heroine, she’s not the first. Here are five of our favorite scream queen heroes.


Ripley – Alien

ripley from alien


I think we can all agree that the alien from Alien is pretty freakin’ scary. I mean, its jaws have a second set of jaws, it has acid for blood, and it is a worthy match for Predator. Even though the Alien is the galaxy’s perfect killing machine, Ripley still shoot one into space while wearing her underwear. But beyond being tough, she’s also smart. She didn’t want to let the guy with the alien inside him on the ship at all. Always listen to Ripley!


Erin – Texas Chainsaw Massacre

erin from texas chainsaw massacre


I had to put on a band-aid after I looked at a chainsaw once, so I can’t imagine how scary it would be to fight off a giant chainsaw-wielding maniac and a family of redneck psychopaths. Sure, a lot of people die, but eventually Jessica Biel straight up PWNS Leatherface, who is twice as big and four times more murdery. Biel’s toughness is especially impressive considering she’s dressed like a wet t-shirt contestant for most of the film.


Agent Clarice Starling – Silence Of The Lambs

clarice starling


Jodie Foster’s Clarice Starling isn’t even out of training when Silence of the Lambs starts, but before you know it, she’s in charge of getting answers from brilliant psychiatrist/cannibal Hannibal Lecter. This would be like getting pulled out of your high school biology class to interrogate a Bengal tiger. Also, spoiler alert from 1991, she ends up killing a DIFFERENT serial killer in his dark dungeon. Pretty good for a rookie.


Laurie Strode – Halloween

Laurie Strode Halloween


Masked killer Michael Meyers escapes from a mental hospital, drives to a different town, and stabs a ton of people in his quest to take out Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis), but what does she do? Yeah, she runs away for a while, but eventually she STABS THE UNSTOPPABLE KILLER IN THE EYE WITH A HANGER. And you thought they were just for hanging up shirts.


Nancy – Nightmare on Elm Street

Erin Nightmare On Elm Street


In the first Nightmare on Elm Street, Freddy stalks and kills teenagers… in their dreams. You know that nightmare where you are in school and you are naked and your teeth fall out in front of your crush? Well, it’s like that only you get a lot more stabbed. Now I would probably just take an ambien and get my murder over with, but Nightmare’s heroine, Nancy is like “Nah, how about we kill this powerful master of dreams instead? Oh, I have to wrestle him into our reality? I’m a teenage girl. Let’s do it.”


Do you have a favorite horror movie heroine? Is there one we missed? Are you going to see House at the End of the Street? Let us know down below!