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5 Pranks Not to Pull on Your Girlfriend

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It’s that time of year again where everyone puts on their jester hats and tries their hardest to trick their most gullible loved ones.

Well, this year, you might want to rethink some of the pranks you were planning to pull on your girlfriend if you want to keep her around. Here are five you should definitely not try.

You’ll thank me later.

Switch Her Shampoo With Nair

Vin Diesel with boobs? Seriously?

Whoopee Cushion

Girls don’t fart. It’s been proven by science.


Because you want her to be happy in bed.

Prank call her pretending to be a doctor and tell her she’s pregnant

You’re pretending to be a doctor. Girls know who their doctor is. Kinda’ lame.

Break Up with Her

Surprisingly, this just isn’t as funny to her as it is to you. Except when she breaks up with you after you reveal the joke. Now that’s pretty funny.

What lame jokes have you pulled on your girlfriend?