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5 Reasons Tom Hardy Will Make an Awesome Venom in the Upcoming Film

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It was just announced that Tom Hardy will play Venom in Sony’s upcoming Venom movie. Based on the Marvel character who was originally a super villain in the Spider-Man canon, Venom eventually becomes an anti-hero in his own right.

To celebrate the news, here are five reasons Tom Hardy will make an excellent Venom.

He’s a Beast of a Human

Tom Hardy is a scary man. There’s no denying that. If you called him a man-beast to his face, he’d probably agree with you and then knock you out with one punch. We want to fear our anti-heroes as much as we respect them, and Tom Hardy certainly has our respect.

He’s Great at Playing Villains and Anti-Heroes

This won’t be Hardy’s first rodeo in playing a complicated villain or anti-hero. He’s had roles in The Dark Knight Rises, Peaky Blinders, Bronson, and Warrior, among others, that tell us this role is going to be nothing more than a fun cake-walk for the actor.

He Brings a Dark Humor to All of His Roles


No matter how badass or terrifying the character is on paper, Hardy always brings a dry and subtle humor to his roles, just like the humor Heath Ledger brought to his Joker in The Dark Knight. That’s what makes him such a damn good actor.

He’s Used to Wearing Uncomfortable Masks On His Face

Tom Hardy is clearly an actor who’s willing to do whatever it takes — no matter how uncomfortable the “it” is — to bring a role to life. Whether that’s gaining 400 pounds of pure muscle for Bronson or wearing an insane mask that hinders his ability to speak in not one but TWO movies (as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises and again as Mad Max in Mad Max: Fury Road), Hardy has no problem being super uncomfortable in the name of bringing an iconic character to life. He’s probably the only man in Hollywood who can wear that f*cking horrifying Venom mask for weeks on end without a word of complaint.

He’s British


Being British just makes actors better at acting. It’s probably something to do with the training or a permanent curse Shakespeare’s ghost put on the citizens of the U.K. Whatever it is, we’ll allow it.

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