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5 Reasons Why My Xbox Is Better Than A Girlfriend

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Ya, I am still single, so what? You want to fight about it? In all honesty I have dated a few wonderful women, and for whatever the reason the relationship just didn't work out. I have lots of nieces and nephews, and a great family, so I decided to take a few off from dating.

I do get a few questions, from time to time, as to why I have made this choice. I just tell people I choose Xbox over dating, and usually no more questions follow.


1. My Xbox Was Only $299.00

I have been on dates where I easily spent $100. There where no 3D graphics or bonus content on that date.


2. I Don't Have To Shave Nor Shower To Play Xbox

I am all about hygiene and proper attire but my Xbox never asks me to wear a colored shirt.


3. My Xbox Never Asks Where This Relationship Is Going

I don't want to think my Xbox is slutty but it never questions my commitment before I level up.


4. I Never Have To Give My Xbox Gifts

My Xbox has never ask for a necklace or a spa day with my PS3. Not that I haven't thought about getting my Xbox a cool tiny hat, as too give it a little personality.


5. My Xbox Never Asks Me To Meet Her Friends

It all honesty, I don't get this… it has friends, but if my Xbox, the toaster, and my iPod want to hang at IHOP and just talk, I think I would be ok with that.

In summary, I know that my Xbox can't give me a hug or share memories with me, but I am sure Microsoft is working on that.


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