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5 Strangest Hotels In Japan

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Hotels in the United States are all basically the same. Yeah, there's some really fancy ones with a fountain and a dude playing a violin or whatnot, but other than that no real difference. In Japan, they have, ehem, a little something called variety. Here now are a fine example of just how unreal and interesting this variety can get.


Komadori Sanso


Yeah it's nice, yeah it's in the mountains, yeah there's lots of nature and it's pretty. But what sets this hotel apart is its "waterfall enduranace training." Where guests stand underneath a roaring waterfall and are given lessons on how to meditate while a waterfall kicks the sh*t out of them.


Shinjuku Kuyakusho-mae Capsule Hotel


Getting room here is like sleeping in a coffin from the future! Tired of going to hotels that make you think you're still alive?!?! Then this is the sleeping experience for you. Grab your bags, head to the Shinjuku and get ready to feel like you've died in the year 3,146 and your conciousness still exists inside your dead body and it's getting ready to be cremated!


Super Hotel Ikebukuro


With purified air, completely sterile environments, and pajamas and slippers that are scientifically manipulated to increase comfort and relieve stress, Super Hotel Ikebukuro is a dystopian nightmare hotel designed by Howard Hughes to eliminate all feelings, pain, fear, sadness, happiness, except for one: TOTAL COMFORT AT ANY COST.


Yasuda no Ie


It's a hotel where the perk is you're actually staying with an entire Japanese family. Why demand privacy in a hotel room when you can demand having a stranger family make inside jokes and eat ramen while you're trying to watch a subtitled version of Glee?


Sukeroku No Yado Sadachiyo


A Japanese Hotel hell bent on giving you a taste of old school Japan. The Double Tree is an OK hotel cuz they give you free cookies whenever you want, but I'd trade in free cookies any day for a chance to chill out viewing 19th Samurai comedy show while a Geishi uses secret Geisha techniques to stimulate my prostate by sticking her finger in my ear.


What do you want out of a Japanese hotel? Let us know in the comments!


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