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5 Super Mario Bros. Fan Theories That Are So Crazy They Might Be True

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I love me some fan theories, whether the be for Harry Potter or Pokemon, they always entertain. Even if you know there’s know way they’re true, it’s interesting to have your perceptions inverted and it’s always fun to think “Maybe…”  and sometimes even come up with your own crazy ideas to share with the internet. Here’s a look at some of the best Super Mario Bros. fan theories the internet has to offer!


Luigi is always with Mario because Mario is his fail safe if he loses control.

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Whoa! Whoa! Luigi is widely considered to be the loser brother, the one no one wants to play. I don’t know why this is the case but maybe it’s because I was the oldest sibling and as the meme goes, I never had to be Luigi, suckas! But what if Luigi is really an out of control badass and he needs Mario to keep him from going loco on everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom? According to Redditor LordOrgasm:

By staying close to his brother, he doesn’t have to worry about hurting people because he knows that Mario is the most skilled fighter in existence and the only person who can stop him. Mario is the polar opposite of Luigi: a mortal man without any notable powers. Despite that, Mario is capable of fighting against villains capable of destroying dimensions, and even defeating Luigi himself several times (Super Paper Mario) using nothing but his sheer battle skill. By staying next to his brother, Luigi can make sure that if one of his many odd powers goes out of control, or he turns evil, Mario will be close enough to stop him and limit the damage.

Okay, if I can unleash psycho Luigi then I am totally down playing as him. Am I right? 


Princess Peach is Bowser Jr.’s mother

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YES! I’ve heard of paternity doubt before but maternity? That’s all kinds of crazy. But Bowser Jr’s maternity has been up for debate on the internet and all signs point to Princess Peach having popped him out. According to GameFAQs user Quittaboi78:

1) Peach had ample opportunity to deny it and go “eww, never” during Super Mario Sunshine.

2) Shigeru Miyamoto didn’t exactly reject it during his infamous Koopalings interview quote.

3) Peach disappeared entirely in the year 1989. Where was she, and why Super Mario Land? You know it to be true.

This seems totally plausible. Anyway, look for the official results on the next episode of The Mario Povich Show. Enjoy a rare pun from me.


Mario and His Friends Are Just Actors

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MIND BLOWN! I always love play-within-a-play type theories especially when they line up like this.  In addition to the Super Mario Bros. 3 stage play theory seen in the above pic, Cracked goes one step further, saying it applies to all the games. According to Cracked:

Think about all of the games the Mario characters appear in: Sometimes the characters are bitter, face-pissing rivals (even Mario and Luigi are at each other’s throats in Mario Party and Mario Kart), and sometimes they’re working together (Bowser is one of the good guys in Super Mario RPG). There he is in the back, waiting for his moment to shine. There’s no explanation for the lack of overarching continuity other than that the characters are simply performers. In fact, the levels in both Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine are called “episodes” and presented just like episodes of an extremely Japanese television series. 

Now I have to replay every video game from this perspective. What?! Any excuse to waste time playing the old school Mario games!


The whole series is just Princess Peach propoganda

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LOVE this one! What of Princess Peach was manipulating everything from the start and is actually the villain of the franchise?

According to a Reddit user:

However, have you ever asked yourself “Why” we’re being shown a Princess Peach Point of View of our favorite game? We always believed that Peach was telling the truth, and that she was the victim and bowser was the villain. But… We were never shown Bowser’s POV. We just assumed Peach was right, and so we save her. We’re shown what the world looks like when it’s run by a ruler like bowser, but we don’t actually experience it (according to the original 3 mario games). What if, Princess Peach is really just using the Mario Games (which are plays) as propoganda to lead you to believe that Bowser is the villain, when in reality Peach is an evil dictator who wants to oppress the people of the Mushroom Kingdom. We believe that Bowswer keeps kidnapping her, but how do we know that he wasn’t lead to believe that Peach loved her? How do we know they weren’t dating back in the day? In Mario Sunshine, there’s even a scene where baby bowser accuses peach of bing his mother and peach didn’t object.

I love it. She’s like the Bad Seed and Mommie Dearest all rolled up into one. Kind of makes me like her more actually, because I am a deeply damaged person who sometimes roots for the villain. Oh don’t act like you don’t love Loki more than any of the Avengers!


Super Mario Bros. is the only time Bowser actually kidnapped Princess Peach

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How many times Peach has been kidnapped by Bowser is something that is always up for date. The numbers are usually pretty high too. BUt what if it’s not actually high? What if it’s just once? According to Redditor GameMachineJames

We know that in SMB1, Bowser did in fact kidnap Peach. And turned the Mushroom People into bricks etc. SMB2 was a dream story, and has no bearing on the “Real” world, other than nightmares eventually coming to life. Peach is playable anyways, so not kidnapped. SMB3 was a play retelling (with embellishments) the events of Super Mario Bros. 1 Mario World is the point where Peach finally leaves Mario for Bowser. Bowser is taking care of his kids (from a previous marriage) at this point, so he sends them to help Peach get away from her ex. Mario, of course, assumes Peach is kidnapped and goes after her. After SMW, Mario briefly moves to a nearby kingdom and attempts to romance Daisy. But ulti
mately fails. Mario Land. These event lead up to the debut of Wario, and his own adventures. Peach is not involved and is presumably making a life with Bowser. Mario 64, Peach decides to give Mario one last chance to get it right. She sends Mario a letter asking him to come and get her, maybe a little white lie about kidnapping since she knows that’s Mario’s rage trigger. And she offers him cake as a reward. Bowser, of course, does everything in his power to try stopping Mario. Mario Sunshine is a few years later. Peach’s reconcilation with Mario went badly and she reconnected with Bowser. And they even had a child together. Meanwhile, Mario is working as a sanitation worker on a nearby island and gets mixed up in Bowser’s family problems. FINALLY, we get to the Mario Galaxy titles. Wherein Mario has moved on from Peach. To Rosalina. The Princess-Goddess of the cosmos. By this point, Mario’s made peace with most of his enemies. donkey Kong, Sonic, Wario… And, after meeting Rosalina. He even makes peace with Bowser. This leads to the whole group of them meeting up ever so often and playing board games, having little competitions. Kart races. Martial-arts tournaments, sporting events… As if they were the oldest and bestest of friends. By the end of Galaxy 2, Rosalina grants Mario his one desire, and reboots the entire universe so that he can relive the journeys that lead up to him meeting her. So that he can try to become the Man he thinks she wants. This leads directly into New Super Mario Bros. 1 and 2, which are the events of this rebooted universe. tl:dr Bowser only kidnapped Peach once. 

Poor Bowser! He was actually only a d-bag criminal once! 

Which one was your favorite? Let me know on twitter or in the comments below!


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