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5 Things That Cause Furious Nerd Rage

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We all get upset. It is apart of life. The traffic jam, the guy in the 10 items or less line with 40 items, or the all-to-common telemarketers that call in the middle of dinner. Most people deal with these issues with a modicum of anger and just move on.

Then there is nerd rage. This type of anger might find oneself fuming over what might seem like a very trivial topic. There are a few things that will bring out my geeky Mr. Furious and this is one.


When updating to new version of Photoshop, I get a metric ass-loads of bloatware (those programs that install themselves on your computer). I just want to update, no I do not want to install the My Little Ponies browser toolbar.


Fragmented Hard Drives

Sir, you are paying me $50 per hour to remove viruses from your computer. The reason that your computer is running so slow is not because of viruses, it is that you have never de-fragmented your hard drive. Ever. We had the same conversation 6 months ago.


Stealing My Bandwidth

Oh woe to you, you ruddy-faced scallywag. You cod-bellied dandy! Actually I think my neighbors must have had a meeting and decided to stop hacking my Wi-Fi after I piggybacked their signal and loaded a folder called “Horse Porn” onto their computers.


The Guy at Starbucks That Wont Shut His Pie Hole

Yes sir, I do think the Internet is great. Yes, I was aware that you can make a fee blog. I thinks its awesome that you can order pizza online. Dude!? I just need to fire off a few emails. I am really jazzed to see your excitement about the Internet, but can you let me get a little work done.


Pop Up Ads

Pop-up ads are the worst. The ones that I hate the most are the ones that pop about 20 seconds after you enter a site. Sometimes I feel a if I am entering a haunted house… just waiting for that surprise. To the man that invented pop-ups, I wish to stab you with bullets.

What ignights your nerd rage?


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