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5 Things Only People With Anxiety With Understand

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Anxiety is a real struggle for a lot of people. We can’t say, “Anxiety is just like THIS” when everyone experiences it differently. We CAN, however, get some solace in knowing that other people may be going through the same things that we are. What is it that they say in High School Musical? “We’re all in this with each other?” Here’s how it feels to have anxiety:

You have trouble making decisions

making a decision anxiety hard

(Sung to the tune of “Tradition” from Fiddler on the Roof) DECISIONSSSSSS, DECISIONS! DECISIONSSSSSSS, DECISIONS! Anxious people just don’t like to make ‘em. Often, we just hand off the decision to someone else or ask so many people for advice that we go insane. (Lovely, right?) Our lack of decisiveness can also get on the nerves of the people around us.

You keep it all inside so you don’t burden other people

anxiety keep it inside

Your close friends may not even know that you are experiencing anxiety because you don’t want to risk losing their friendship. You YOURSELF may not even consciously recognize that you do have anxiety, you just experience panic and your thoughts start to race. Know that it’s okay to talk about and that people will be there for you even if you’re not always perfect. Everybody has something they struggle with! (Except Chris Hemsworth. He is perfect.)

You isolate yourself


A kingdom of isolation … and it looks like you’re the queen. One way to lessen your anxiety is to stay away from situations that can trigger it (aka staying inside by your lonesome). Hiding away from life isn’t a healthy way to deal with anxiety, though, because you can miss out on some great opportunities. SOMETIMES, YOU GOTTA FORCE YOURSELF TO HAVE FUN.

Getting calls and voicemails can send you into a panic

phone call anxiety

There is something about receiving a phone call and voicemail that can send an anxious person into a complete tizzy. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE CALLER IS GOING GOING TO SAY. Your anxious mind goes to the worst possible scenario — they have to tell you something awful, they need to ask a favor of you, or they want to make the dreaded small talk*shudder* Other people have no problem answering the phone, and you are envious of them. Very envious.

Having Conversations with New People is Hard

anxiety dont like talking to people april

If you have a dose of social anxiety, you fear you’ll be embarrassed, belittled, or judged by the person to whom you’re speaking. Yes, this is irrational and, no, that doesn’t make it easier to control. Sometimes you can be so worried about the conversation and your reaction that you forget to listen to what the other person is saying. Don’t beat yourself up over this, though. It’s just pesky anxiety at work again.

What happens to you when you feel anxiety? Let us know in the comments below!