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5 Unbelievable Hashtag Fails

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Twitter is definitely a great way for companies to promote their brand and for people all over the world share their feelings about major news events. It’s all about sharing and sometimes over-sharing, I’m looking at you guy who claims to be a feminine pad. But when hashtags go wrong, companies can get a kind of publicity they weren’t seeking out, often with hilarious reults. Well, for us, not so much those responsible for the blunders. Here’s a look at 5 of the best hashtag fails ever.


Susan Boyle

hashtag fails susan boyle susanalbumparty


Hashtag fail: #susanalbumparty

This GENIUS fail was an attempt to promote singer Susan Boyle’s latest album. Until the moment this hashtag existed, no one had never thought Susan Boyle and anal in the same thought before. I think I can safely say that the world was extremely disappointed to find out that Susan had not gone from virgin to kinky sex guru. Sadly, her anus remains part free. 


hashtag fails mcd stories


Hashtag fail: #McDStories

To be fair, Mc Donald’s couldn’t possible have seen the backlash, when they went searching for heartwarming McDonald’s stories shared by their followers. Instead they got horror stories, 90% of which involved something about diarrhea, anal bum parties if you will.  Here are some samples:

hashtag fails mcd stories


hashtag fails mcd stories


hashtag fails mcd stories


Yeah. McDonald’s wasn’t lovin’ it. But the Twitterverse was.

Margaret Thatcher’s Death

hashtag fails thatcher cher dead


Hashtag fail: #nowthatchersdead

Okay, this wasn’t a promotional fail, but it brought me endless amusement when it happened almost 2 weeks ago. When Margaret Thatcher died, the hashtag #nowthatchersdead started trending, I’m asuming because it was after a slew of other celeb deaths including Roger Ebert and Annette Funicello. But people read it as ‘now that Cher’s dead…’  Cher is not only alive but is  working on a new album. Maybe it was a genius marketing ploy on Cher’s part?  Cher lives! And even after she dies, I think like 50% of her will remain non-biodegradable and will always be with us.

Blackberry Job Hunt

hashtag fails blackberry rim jobs


Hashtag fail: #RIMjobs

RIM stands for Research in Motion. So I can see why when Blackberry was promoting that they had work available in a job market where a lot of people are unemployed, they would use the hashtag #RIMjobs. Only rim jobs has another meaning. Like an kind of meaning. And I’m pretty sure no matter how bad the economy gets, no one would want to earn money in that way. Well, maybe Susan Boyle…ZING!

Celeb Boutique

hashtag fails


Hashtag fail: #Aurora

Seriously? Seriously!? UGH. When Celeb Boutique noticed that Aurora was trending they decided to piggy back on the Trending Topic to promote their Kim Kardashian-inspired Aurora dress. Too bad Aurora was trending because of the horrific Dark Knight Rises movie theater mass shooting. Way to look incredibly callous and stupid! I expect more from a company named…Celeb Boutique…well maybe not.  Hard to believe that something associated with Kim Kardashian would be so tacky and clueless. Mmmhmm.


Which one do you think was the biggest blunder? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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