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5 Video Games That Were Abandoned Before Release

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We have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to video games, practically smothered and suffocated with quality AAA-level titles at every turn. It’s a beautiful way to go, really. But not all games are lucky enough to grow into real boys and live out their days on a shelf. Here are five games that were abandoned before release.

WWE Brawl

abandoned games brawl

As if professional wrestling wasn’t already garish enough, occasionally games like WWE All-Stars and the sadly canceled WWE Brawl were willed into existence. In Brawl specifically, hyper-muscled wrestlers fought to the not-death in four-player battle royale style matches, sending their opponents flying with insanely exaggerated moves. Man, the more I explain this, the more it basically just sounds like actual professional wrestling.

Project Rap Rabbit

abandoned games rap

Hey, if you loved Parappa the Rapper, you would theoretically love Project Rap Rabbit too! That is, if the Kickstarter campaign bothered to show any of that pesky “gameplay footage” everyone’s always up in arms about. It would go on to only earn a fraction of its intended goal, so it went to the bottom of the rhythm-based rap-game bin, never to be heard from again.

Scratch: The Ultimate DJ

abandoned games dj

Speaking of sweet rhythm-based games, I bet you didn’t know there was ANOTHER turntable-based DJ simulator other than DJ Hero. Although, I guess there technically wasn’t, as Scratch: The Ultimate DJ never saw the light of day. Its release was plagued by legal troubles when the publishers of the game sued their developers. See, the developers were bought by Activision, who, uh… made that DJ Hero game. The suit contended that Activision bought them specifically to take them out of the incredibly specific DJ game genre, and sadly, all of those virtual records were left unscratched. And then DJ Hero would quickly be just as forgotten as its stringed brethren, toiling away in party game obscurity for that weird guy named Greg to bust out from time to time. Nobody wants to play, Greg.

Whore of the Orient

abandoned games orient

Word started getting out about this troublingly-named game back in 2012, an open-world title based on 1930s Shanghai and the Western-influenced corruption plaguing it. By 2016, the project was confirmed to be dead, but however promising it might have looked, come on, guys. Literally the only words in the title that weren’t offensive were “of” and “the”. BE BETTER NAMERS OF THINGS.

Star Wars 1313

This canceled Star Wars project was supposed to be a grittier entry in the franchise, a weapons-and-gadget-based game revolving around a young Boba Fett which, to me, sounds like it could’ve been the Star Wars equivalent of Logan. It was never definitively stated why such a badass game was yanked away from us like a carrot on a stick, and sadly the trademark was abandoned by Disney in early 2014. Okay, fine, “gritty weapons-based gameplay” may not exactly jive with an IP getting its own portion of Disneyland, but these kids need to learn about the scum and villainy of the universe SOMETIME.

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