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5 Weirdest Japanese Soft Drinks!

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Here in America we drink beverages like grape juice, Capri Sun, and grape soda. These are acceptable drinks. Over in Japan, however, beverages have been turned into a damn carnival sideshow. Check out the five weirdest ones, but be warned— madness follows.


Curry lemonade

curry lemonade japan


In Japan, they treat lemonade like we treat a new season of Glee — if you just throw in a bunch of stuff (for Japan, curry; for America, Blaine and that Irish kid) and maybe, hopefully, it will become interesting.


Eel soda

eel soda japan


Eels and soda are two things that are all well and good on their own but do not belong together. Putting eels in a soda is like putting Freddy Krueger in an episode of iCarly.


Diet water

diet water japan


Hey. Hey Japan. What are you trying to pull here, huh? At least with this beverage, I have something to think about when I feel stupid for failing a math test or not understanding what's happening on Mad Men— At least I never fell for diet water.


Final Fantasy potions

final fantasy potions from japan


Final Fantasy is a video game, Japan! I shouldn't have to keep telling you that! Now go home and comb those spikes out of your hair, you look ridiculous.


Mother's milk

mothers milk japan


I feel like I'm pretty tolerant with you, Japan, but this needs to stop yesterday.


What drink do you find weeeeirdest? Let us know in the comments below!


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