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The 5 Worst "Comedies" on Netflix

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Netflix is one of those modern wonders that contains unknowable power — it’s there for us when we need it, offering up obscure documentaries or entire seasons of content to binge-watch. But much like the internet itself, Netflix has a dark side. They can’t all be zingers, so here are five of the worst “comedies” currently on Netflix.

Best Night Ever

netflix comedies best night ever

From Friedberg and Seltzer, the guys that brought you Date MovieEpic Movie and a whole bunch of other atrocious “movie” movies, Best Night Ever is their first non-spoof outing, and HOO-BOY, if this is their original material, no wonder they ripped people off for so long. Best Night Ever is The Hangover but not as funny and Bridesmaids but not as smart. It’s just all around yuck. Let us move on and never mention the dreaded names “Friedberg and Seltzer” again.

Paranormal Whacktivity

netflix comedies paranormal whacktivity

DO YA GET IT? IT’S PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, BUT ALSO “WHACK”, BECAUSE BEWBZ. To break this down further, this movie was only released two years ago, in 2013, yet it features the iconic Borat junk-sling swimsuit. From 2006. And as legitimately great as Borat was for its time, if we know anything, it’s that Borat references are just NOT COOL anymore, guys. HIGH-FIVE.

Super Fast!

netflix comedies super fast

Wait, Friedberg and Seltzer? I thought we moved on?! There’s seemingly no escape. Super Fast! is the latest of the dastardly duo’s spoof flicks, this time taking aim at the 15 year-old Fast & Furious franchise, and it’s actually one of their better parodies. The fact that it’s STILL the hottest of garbage should tell you something about the quality of the others. Okay, for realsies now, let’s move on from these two before I have an aneurysm.

Going Overboard

netflix comedies going overboard

Know what the universe never asked for? Adam Sandler’s unreleased film debut. You know exactly what the universe got in 1996 once Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore became cult hits? Yep, Adam Sandler’s unreleased film debut. Going Overboard launched Sandler’s career, and also featured Billy Zane of Titanic and Zoolander fame playing KING NEPTUNE. To be completely fair, I’d probably rather watch this than Pixels, but still, you should steer clear just to be safe.

The Starving Games

netflix comedies starving games

GOD DAMMIT, FRIEDBERG AND SELTZER AGAIN?! This is straight-up bonkers. As you can tell from that oh-so-clever name, this one skewers The Hunger Games and features a protagonist named Kantmiss. There’s also Nicki Minaj. And the Annoying Orange. And LMFAO. And you know what? There’s no escaping these two, I feel like they’ll make another movie by the time I’m done, so I’m just ending this now. SH*T, THEY’RE BEHIND ME! RUN!


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