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5 XBOX 360 Games That Would Make Good Movies

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Now that comics are getting the respectful film treatment they deserve, it’s time for video games to get in on the live action. Every system has a library full of fantastic titles and stories that, if lovingly adapted, would make for great films.

This week we will look at the versatile XBOX 360 offerings. Keep in mind that many of these titles are not exclusively on the XBOX 360 but are often associated with the console. So, if some little jerk mentions this point in the comments because he skipped the introduction, I encourage you to shame them and perhaps insult their mothers.



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Popcorn Plot: A plane crash survivor finds himself in a terrifying underwater dystopia where he has to contend with genetically modified creatures to stay alive.

I can easily see Bioshock being adapted and being adapted badly. In the trailer you’d see shaky cam footage of Jack walking through Rapture. It’s quiet, too quiet. What’s that over there? Oh it’s just a doll lying on the floor, he goes to pick it up and then LOUD NOISE – Splicer jump scare exactly when you expect it!


Fable 2

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Popcorn Plot: A hero must journey and assemble their team to defeat an evil lord while dealing with physical alterations that comes with their many difficult decisions.

OK, the fun of the Fable series is that your choices matter on a very literal scale. The filmmakers could emulate this by giving two possible scenarios at once like the 90s film with Gwyneth Paltrow, Sliding Doors. Except with more gore.



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Popcorn Plot: A genetically modified super soldier is called on to fight in an intergalactic war against a powerful conglomerate of extraterrestrial beings poised to kill the human race.

Of this list, Halo is the only series that has not only been optioned by studios but has had actual directors like Neil Blomkamp (District 9) and most recently obscure indie darling Steven Spielberg attached. Here's the short Neil Blomkamp put together when he wanted to direct the movie…

It’s going to be made into a film; it’s a foregone conclusion and the reasons why are nearly as obvious. Instead let’s read a chapter from my steamy Master Chief and Samus fanfiction. Page 65 where we find Samus picking brain out of her (story redacted by editor).


Mass Effect

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Popcorn Plot: Good vs. Evil in space…more or less.

Like Fable 2, the fun of Mass Effect is that it’s the natural progression of an RPG and the gameplay is totally choice based to its very core. But a lot of the plots are so strong in Mass Effect 3 that even if they just tacked on the name and chose one plot to film while alluding to the other games in the series it would be a solid use of your time. Maybe make it a Sci-Fi Love Actually. Or just take a bunch of hallucinogens and make your own film. Drugs are magic kids.


Eternal Sonata

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Popcorn Plot: Composer Frederic Chopin is dying of tuberculosis and escapes into his own fully realized dream world where the people are in turmoil and it’s up to him and his friends to save it.

Honestly, I think this game would be the hardest sell in the history of game to film studio pitches due to its premise and relative obscurity. Despite its cutesy j-pop aesthetic it is a very, very dark story. On the one hand, characters and cities are charmingly named after musical terms like Polka, Crescendo, Retardando (lolz) and Count Waltz. On the other, if you are a magic user IT’S BECAUSE YOU ARE TERMINALLY ILL AND ABOUT TO DIE. To beat the game you, as Chopin, become the final boss and encourage all of your new friends to defeat you in order to reach your destiny i.e. your death. The entire game and film is about how a dying genius copes with his final moments and strangely also about holistic vs. western medicine ruining the world. That’s some bleak sh$#t and I want to see it in a movie.


Any games you’d like to see made into a film? Let us know in the comments!


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