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5 YA Movie Predictions for How Bad the Future Will Get

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In every new YA movie and/or book, we learn about some kind of apocalypse from which a chosen one must rebuild, usually in a whimsical/dictatorial/batsh*t way that ensures society will never fall victim to an apocalypse again. And since we can expect , here are the cataclysms we can expect in our not-too-distant future, according to YA movies. (May contain spoilers.)

Wi-Fi will be very limited

scene from City of Ember

YA Movie/Book Source: City of Ember

Prediction: With civilization moving into an underground bunker and seriously weakening signal strength, people will be unable to get on the net, post photos, get packages in just one day if they order over $35, text, or even tweet. The result will be a world in which people realize how distant and cut-off they have become from actual human contact … and how much better that was for everybody, especially the introverts.

ESPN will be the only network

Hunger Games arena

YA Movie/Book Source: The Hunger Games

Prediction: If there is still electricity in the future, cable packages will be very, very streamlined. That’s because they will consist of a single sports channel showing the only game/show/news report in town, The Hunger Games (causing a lot of SportsCenter dead time in the off-season … unless ESPN 2 shows The Hunger Games Little League Championships and ESPN Classic let’s you relive the time that kid got speared).

Your time spent at the Octoberfest corn maze will prove vital

The Maze Runner labyrinth

YA Movie/Book Source: The Maze Runner

Prediction: First the bad news: most of the world will be destroyed by a solar flare and viral outbreak. But the good news is that some of you (boys) will survive and be immune to the virus and will be tested with a giant maze. Even if you make it out though, there are still no women, so good luck with that whole “rebuilding society” thing.

Life will be even more like high school than you fear

Divergent movie choosing ceremony

YA Movie/Book Source: Divergent

Prediction: Social cliques are going to be the be-all-end-all in the future, or at least in Future Chicago (which sounds a lot like a spin-off of Futurama). However, this will result in fewer groups like nerds, jocks, and burn-outs, and more groups who promote harmony or brutal, horrific honesty. Also, some of you may not fit into either category, which normally would result in a new generation of bitter loners who become stand-up comics, but in this case may end in a revolution.

Therapists will go bankrupt … until they’re really needed

The Giver movie

YA Movie/Book Source: The Giver

Prediction: Ignoring the old saying “Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it”, a new society will be built in which we’re not only unable to recall what came before, but also forget how to experience anything emotionally. The upside is that no one will be plagued by regret, pain, or guilt over sleeping with their girlfriend’s sister. The downside is that everyone will become absolutely awful, caring little for anyone or anything, until the memories are allowed to return and we have a massive collective emotional and psychotic breakdown.

Which dystopia are you pulling for? Let us know in the comments below!


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