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50 Specquackular Duckfaces

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"Duckface" is a term used to describe the face made my people trying to look hot in pictures for MySpace or Facebook… It gives people the impression that you have larger cheekbones and bigger lips. It also gives people the impression that you are crazy.

Here are the 50 worst duckfaces ever, and their proper, scientific names…


The Orange Roughy


Hooded Mallard


Total Duckbag


Then "I Dunno LOL"


The Tan Boneholder


The Wereduck


The Duckweiser


George Duckya Bush


The Formal


The Broduck


The Jenny McDucky


The Shoulder Duck


The Darkwing Duck


One-Eyed Quacker


The Double Duck


Enveloped In Duckness


The Baby Huey


The Pond Duckface


Teen Ducking


The Whaaaaa? Duck


The Furry Meth Duck




The Booby Duck


The Andy Samberg


The Ambiguous Gender




Yarr, Me Eye!


The Chris Crocker


Daffy Duckface


The Stacker


The Wink Duck


Duck We Can Believe In


The Craigslist Personal


The Christina Duckuilera


The Sleepy Victory Duck


Quack Money Millionaire


The Daisy Duck


The Painted Bird


Scene Duck


Indie Quacker


The Duckling


Smug Ducker


Blue Steel




The Aunt


The Plastic Fantastic




Elf Duck Of The Ice-cream Forest


Hey, what am I doing on this list?




The Luke Duckwalker


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