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6 Action Movies Re-Marketed As Romance Films

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All it takes is some new ad copy—and perhaps a poster reading “Based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks”—to turn any action movie into the must-see motion picture of Valentine’s Day…


Transformers: Dark of the Moon

action romance transformers dark of moon


Actual Action Plot: While trying to protect Earth from the evil Decepticons, the Autobots learn of a long-hidden hidden U.S. military secret involving a crashed Cybertron craft on the Moon.

Romance Version Tagline: “True love can never grow when planted with the seeds of distrust.” “Be true. Be real. Be together.” “Removing the ‘versus’ between man and machine.”


Die Hard with a Vengeance

action romance die hard vengeance


Actual Action Plot: A terrorist/master criminal seeks revenge on police office Lt, John McClane by making him run around New York City on a series of “mind games” phone calls, all the while threatening to blow up various buildings.

Romance Version Tagline: “When your love is tested you can’t afford to fail.” “Why run around when all you ever really wanted is just a phone call away?” “Tonight the city is theirs…well, at least until the bombs go off.”


The Fast and the Furious

action romance fast and furious


Actual Action Plot: The leader of a team of street racers and possible criminals is befriended by the new guy who turns out to be an undercover LAPD police officer.

Romance Version Taglines: “The only thing faster than their cars is the beating of their hearts.” “No lie can ever mask one’s true feelings.” “This time the driver’s seat takes a backseat to the actual backseat which is…uh…let’s start over…”


Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol

action romance mission impossible ghost protocol


Actual Action Plot: The IMF is wrongly accused of blowing up the Kremlin and its agents must clear their name and discover the real culprits.

Romance Version Taglines: “They’re on the run from everyone but each other.” “No disguise can disguise the disguise that their hearts no longer assume.” “He sees his ex wife at the end. Probably shouldn’t have spoiled that. But that’s kind of romantic, right?”


The Expendables

action romance the expendable team


Actual Action Plot: A group of veteran mercenaries are assigned to overthrow a dictator but soon learn the real villain is an ex-CIA officer.

Romance Version Taglines: “You’re never too old to go after what you want.” “People thought their time had passed. But love runs on its own clock.” “Hearts will explode…along with most of a small island nation.”


Alien Vs. Predator

action romance alien vs predator


Actual Action Plot: Humans find themselves in the middle of an eons-long battle between attacking aliens and the intergalactic hunters who pursue them.

Romance Version Taglines: “They came from two different worlds. But they found what they truly wanted on ours.” “Bitter enemies. Bittersweet lovers.” “When those eggs hatch, love scurries right into your heart by breaking right through your chest cavity.”


What's the most romantic encounter you've ever had with the Predator? Let us know in the comments.


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