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6 Actors Who Were Great in Awful Movies

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It’s a travesty that there isn’t an Oscar for Best Actor in a Terrible Movie. It’s easy to give a good performance when everything else in the movie is good. The real heroes are the actors who can actually make you believe in a Sharknado. Here are six actors who were shining diamond rings floating in a sea of garbage — these are the best performances in otherwise terrible movies!

James Franco, Spider-Man 3

awful great franco

Spider-Man 3 has too many characters, subplots, and mostly awful acting. While Tobey Maguire just doesn’t care and Topher Grace is completely miscast as Venom, it’s James Franco who saves the day. The first two Spider-Man films set up Harry Osborn’s downfall, and here he finally gets to see it pay off. Franco dives into being evil perfectly. While Maguire is moping his way through the movie, Franco actually finds a way to make eating pie look evil.

Bryan Cranston, Total Recall

awful great cranston

The Total Recall remake took out all the weird stuff that made the original unique and replaced it with slick-but-typical action scenes. Also, Colin Farrell is no Arnold Schwarzenegger, even if he’s technically a better actor. The one bright spot in the movie is Bryan Cranston, who plays an evil politician. Cranston knows he’s not in a good movie, so he doesn’t even try to be subtle. His character is evil, so Cranston just goes into full Walter White mode. He’s the only actor in the movie who realizes that having a personality makes a character interesting.

Michael Caine, Jaws: The Revenge

awful great caine

After the over-the-top Jaws 3D, the studio tried to make a more serious sequel. The result was Jaws: The Revenge, which is a movie where a shark travels across the world to get revenge on some humans. Yes, this was supposed to be a serious movie. Michael Caine appears in the movie as the love interest of the main character, and brings all of his British charm along with him. There’s a scene in this movie where Caine falls in the water, but when he climbs out of the water his clothes are perfectly dry. He could have phoned it in, no one would have blamed him.

Idris Elba, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

awful great elba

Some movies are just so bad on every level that they shouldn’t even exist. For example, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance literally features a random scene where Nicolas Cage screams directly into the camera for a few minutes. However, no one told Idris Elba it was terrible — in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, Elba plays a french monk who’s also an action hero. While his story doesn’t make a lot of sense, Elba still gives a great performance and is the only actor who looks like he’s having fun. That’s weird, considering there’s a scene where the Ghost Rider pees fire. Apparently everyone else read that scene in the script and thought “better play this super serious”.

Raul Julia, Street Fighter

awful great julia

It’s a shame that Street Fighter was Raul Julia’s final performance. The veteran actor only took the role because he wanted to make something his kids would enjoy. Yes, he delivers an over-the-top, crazy performance, but it’s just what this movie needed. Julia plays the villainous M. Bison, and he plays him like a cartoon villain. He’s evil just to be evil, and is clearly the best part of the movie. It’s just too bad the rest of the movie couldn’t match his energy.

Matthew McConaughey, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation

awful great mcpconaughey

Most people don’t know that Matthew McConaughey got his start in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation. The film tries to introduce a weird conspiracy angle to the Leatherface story, which is a bad idea. Leatherface, the killer of the franchise, doesn’t need a complicated backstory, he just need to chainsaw massacre his way through Texas. McConaughey plays Vilmer Slaughter, Leatherface’s brother. McConaughey is almost unrecognizable in this role — he’s completely insane. It’s great to see how dedicated McConaughey is to this role in the worst Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie (which is obviously pretty bad if it’s worst movie of the Texas Chainsaw franchise).

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