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6 Actors You Might Not Know Tried Singing Careers

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It’s hard to become a professional actor, and even harder to become a professional musician. The thing, everyone wants to be both of those things, so it’s not surprising that famous actors also want to be rock stars. Also, since they’re already famous, they can skip to the head of the line and start off already famous. But while they may be able to sell records based on name recognition, that doesn’t mean that they should. Here are the worst actors turned musicians!

Keanu Reeves

actors reeves

International superstar and conspiracy theorist Keanu Reeves isn’t just an actor. He was also the bass player for the band Dogstar. And it wasn’t like before he got famous he was in the band — this was during the height of his fame. If you’re wondering what Dogstar sounds like, you can either look them up on YouTube or go ask your uncle who’s in a band to play some songs. They sound like every generic bar band that can’t let go of the ‘90s.

Scarlett Johansson

actors johansson

Between filming Home Alone 3 and The Avengers, Scarlett Johansson tried to launch a music career. In 2008, she released an album called “Anywhere I Lay My Head”, which mostly consisted of Tom Waits covers. Johansson can sing, but only in the most technical sense of the word — she is capable of changing the pitch of her voice. When she sings, it sounds like someone’s playing a slightly out of tune guitar.

Jada Pinkett-Smith

actors smith

We all know Will Smith started out as a rapper, but his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, also had a brief musical career as a part of a Nu Metal band called Wicked Wisdom. What’s weird about this band is that, while Pinkett-Smith can actually sing, she’s clearly trying to fit into a particular style of music. All of Wicked Wisdom’s lyrics read like something an angry freshman in high school wrote to freak out their parents. It’s hard to imagine Jada Pinkett-Smith hearing some Korn songs and going, “that’s my sound!”

Paris Hilton

actors hilton

Back when she first popped up, Paris Hilton had no apparent skills — she was just always on TV. Since “reality TV star” wasn’t yet a career path, her managers kept trying to get her work, including giving her a crack at pop stardom. Hilton released a couple of super generic pop songs, which featured her a lot of auto-tune. Her music career lasted for one album, and then she moved onto whatever it is she’s doing now.

Lindsay Lohan

actors lohan

Lindsay Lohan was a promising young actress, with movies like The Parent TrapFreaky Friday, and Mean Girls all finding success. There was so much faith in her that when Lohan said she wanted to be singer, they just let her do it. Here’s the thing — with today’s technology, they can make anyone sound like they can sing.

And so, based on her star power, Lohan released a couple of generic-sounding pop songs and wrote lyrics addressing some of her negative press. Looking back, it might have been a good idea to pay more attention to those headlines as opposed to ignoring them.

Michael Cera

actors cera

For a while, Michael Cera was the go-to awkward kid, but unfortunately, he grew up, and we expect better out of a grown man. Since his acting career isn’t going so great, Cera moved onto music, recording an album on GarageBand and releasing it himself. While his DIY attitude is admirable, the final result isn’t so great. A lot of the songs try, unsuccessfully, to combine indie rock with avant garde sensibilities, and the final result just sounds like a mess. It’s like he was trying so hard to be interesting that he forgot to also be good. 

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