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6 Actually GOOD News Stories Out Of Japan

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Every week in this spot we run a feature from our blogger Lance Henderstein, who shares his insights about his life in Japan. Although he is safe, Lance is taking the week off and is currently in Taiwan. He should be back to blogging (and Japan) soon.

Since the vast majority of news out of Japan in the last week has been heartbreaking, we thought we’d share a couple stories of inspiring stories that show that even in tragedy, miracles can occur.


Miracle baby

Rescuers found this baby alive in a pile of debris after being left alone for days. She was literally swept from her parent’s arms by the rising water, and her parents feared her dead. She has been reunited with her family.


Rooftop rescue

Hiromitsu Shinkawa was running home to grab some belongings after the earthquake when the Tsunami hit. It tore his house apart and pulled his roof out to sea… with Hiromitsu along for the ride. Hiromitsu held onto his roof with all of his might as it was dragged 10 miles out into the ocean. The resourceful Hiromitsu made a red flag, and rescue crews spotted him and picked him up.


Dog stands by injured friend

And this is why dogs rule. This dog refused to leave the side of his injured friend. The word is that both of these dogs have been taken to a shelter for care, and hopefully they will be reunited with their owners soon!


Grandma found safe

Over 90 hours after the disaster 70-year-old Sai Abe was found alive in her home, which had been knocked off it’s foundation by the tsunami. She is now recovering from hypothermia.


Dogs found chilling at home

Masaki Kikuchi was sure his dogs Towa and Melody had been killed by the tsunami when he returned home to collect his things. In the rush to make sure his family was safe he hadn't had time to unleash the dogs in the backyard. But Towa and Melody were survivors. They managed to break free of their bonds and get to high ground on the second floor of the house. There they waited bravely for their owners to return. Good dog.


The power of YouTube

20-year-old Akiko Kosaka, a student at the University of California at Riverside found out her parents in Japan were safe… with the power of YouTube! Akiko feared her family did not survive the disaster in hard hit Minamisanriku, but three days after the tsunami, a friend forwarded her a video of her parents, alive and well and holding up signs saying they were safe.

Do you know any positive stories coming out of Japan? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments!


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