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6 Biggest Celebrity Momma’s Boys!

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That yoked guy with the inexplicably receding hairline in your chemistry class doesn't know what the hell he's talking about – loving your mother does not make you a loser. In fact, one of the most famous momma's boys of all time – Psycho's Norman Bates – was super hot (not to mention super good at taxidermy). And he's not the only famous fox who’s ever had an Oedipus complex. The celebrity cuties on this list aren't ashamed to admit their motherly love. Aww…aren't they just the sweetest?


Leonardo DiCaprio

leonardo dicaprio momma’s boy


Leo and his mom are practically attached at the umbilical cord – they're constantly photographed vacationing and eating together. DiCaprio won't date a chick if his ma doesn't like her, no matter how hot she is. And guess what? His ma doesn't like the vast majority of his lady friends. Which leaves him more quality time with mommy. See how that works?


Zack Braff

zach braff momma’s boy


The Scrubs star is a self-admitted "total momma's boy." How "total"? Well, after achieving his lifelong dream of owning a Harley Davidson, he told an interviewer that he'd return the bike if his mom disapproved. Lookin' pretty tough there, Braff.


Ryan Gosling

ryan gosling momma’s boy


Ugh. Ryan Gosling. I get it, dude; you're perfect. Your face AND body are ridiculously chiseled. You saved a woman's life once. And you love your mother with the heat of a million flames. You take her damn near everywhere with you – the red carpet, work, and even on dates. Think about how many chicks wish they were your mom, dude. That's messed up.


Justin Timberlake

justin timberlake momma’s boy


J.T. says his mom's his best friend – and to prove it, he took her to the Oscars last year instead of his fiance Jessica Biel. He also has his mom's initials tattooed on his back…Jessica's, however, aren’'t. Awk-ward.


Elvis Presley

elvis presley momma’s boy


No other woman in The King's life ever held a candle to his precious, precious momma. Until her death in 1958, the two were disturbingly close – they called each other pet names, communicated in baby talk, and even shared a bed until Elvis was a teen. Talk about lovin' yo’ momma tender! (Ahem. I apologize.)


Shia LaBeouf

shia labeouf momma’s boy


Norman Bates, take that wig off and step aside – Shia LaBeouf is the king of creepy celebrity mother lovers. In an interview with Playboy, he said, "Probably the sexiest woman I know is my mother. She’s an ethereal angel. Nobody looks like that woman. If I could meet my mother and marry her, I would. I would be with my mother now, if she weren’t my mother, as sick as that sounds." Them Hollyweird types, always tryin' to corrupt the morals of our children…


Did I forget to mention any other disturbingly devoted famous dudes? Let me know in the comments, or tell me @Bornferal!


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