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6 Common Start Of School Mistakes!

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The start of the new school year can be a minefield. So many academic choices, so many opportunities to reinvent yourself, so much potential for a complete mental breakdown in October. Here are some mistakes to avoid making at the beginning of the school year.


Signing Up For New Clubs

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Those activity bazaars are designed to entrap you. Club board members put on their friendliest faces, grab their jazziest clipboards, and try and make you think that you want to exert more extracurricular efforts than you have in years past. Just think, you could be one of those people with varied interests! So you sign your email address to the devil, and the next thing you know, you’re being coerced into a Janitor Society leadership position. Activity bazaars are only there so upperclassmen can recruit you to do the crap they didn’t want to have to do last year.


Developing A Crush On The New Guy

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He might be cute in that you-don’t-yet-know-everyone-he’s-ever-hooked-up-with-and-how-it-ended kind of way, but chances are, your other classmates are thinking the same thing. Better to wait until, say, November, when he’s old news and vulnerable.


Doing All The Reading

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I’m all for the pursuit of academic excellence, but most syllabi were created by stand-up comics. Part of succeeding at the game of school is to figure out what you’re humanly capable of and do just. that. Three chapters of The Odyssey by Thursday? What are we, gods?


Buying Notebooks With Perforated Pages

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Seems like a good idea because then you’ll be able to rip pages out and put them in folders or bring them to study groups. Efficiency overload. But in two weeks, the pages will start to fall out, and you will be so sorry. You have been warned!


Chewy Granola Bars

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These snack seductresses seem to be semi-healthy while also having chocolate chips. Do not fall into the habit of the mid-day Chewy Granola Bar. You’re going to start feeling like you NEED a bar to get through your day, which is just what the Quakers want you to feel.


Offering Someone A Ride Home

bad start ride home


It’s a nice thought but… it will never end there. Now that this person knows your car/route home is an option, it’ll recur throughout the year. And they will NEVER buy you lunch, despite the rising cost of gas. If they really want a ride, they should…uh… get an after-school job as a cab driver. You have some new clubs to get to.


What other start of school mistakes should we be avoiding? Let us know in the comments!


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