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6 Costumes You Should NEVER Put On A Little Girl!

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The TLC show, Toddlers and Tiaras, raised eyebrows recently when a 3-year-old contestant competed in a costume that was modeled after Julia Robert’s star turn in the ‘90s flick, Pretty Woman.


There’s no denying that Roberts is a great actress, but dressing your kid up as a Hollywood hooker might be pushing the envelope just a little too far. Here’s our list of six other costumes that parents should never have in their toddler’s closet…ever!


6. Bride Of Chucky


Unless you want to give your little princess nightmares and years of therapy, it’s probably best not to try to impress the judges by dressing her up as a diabolical, horny doll.


5. Amy Winehouse


Although you might look at your 4-year-old’s rendition of Rehab” as a tribute to the late singer, others in the audience might not like your kid impersonating a notorious public hot mess, especially if you add authentic white powder and her own prop flask.


4. Pamela Anderson


The TLC hit already had a girl dress up as Dolly Parton complete with padded bra, why not do homage to America’s other favorite pair of ta-tas and have your daughter reenact a scene from Baywatch as part of her talent segment?


3. Kim Kardashian


Getting your baby to wear their Pull-Ups is tough enough, try getting them to squeeze into a butt pad…


2. Dita Von Teese


Having your little winner throw on some pasties and swim around in a martini glass might not get the reaction you wanted.


1. Heidi Montag


If you find yourself driving your daughter anywhere near a plastic surgeon’s office, it might be time to get a new hobby.

What do you think would be the craziest costume a parent could dress their toddler up as? Let me know!

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