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The 6 Different Types of Facebook Friends

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In every facebook account we all have friends from high school, relatives and friends that we know.

Then we get friends that are friends of friends… or those that we cant remember why we added… or those that we added because we like the same fan page, and we added them in a drunken Internet high five.

Sure, they all have profile pics, but if you do a little research you might find that they might not be what you thought they were when you added them.


1. The Hot Mess

She asked to be your friend after seeing that you both subscribed to the Adult Swim fan page. How can someone that has such cool tastes in cartoons be that weird, right?


2. The Gamer

He likes WOW, you like WOW. You message back and forth talking about the different levels of your hunters, but after a deep Googling you found an old AOL profile pic of his… like WOW!


3. The Political Activist

I am never sure how this person got added. Everything is ok for a few months, polite chats about the economy and such. Then you get 14 updates per day telling you how the Tea Party are a bunch of Nazi’s and that we need to save the whales and legalize pot.


I may share your views, I may not, but damn! Calm the freak down, you are not going to blow my mind and revamp my political views by sending me 18 updates every day describing your quest to buy the perfect bong.


4. The Unrealistic Friend

I am not your BFF. I don't even know you, other than you are a friend of a friend. You live 2000 miles away from me and all though you offered me a place to sleep if I visit, I doubt I will ever be in Moose Jaw Alabama.


5. The Stalker

I am not sure how we became friends. You ask me way too personal questions and freak me out on a weekly basis. I would defriend you if I didn't have a fear that that action would drive you to even creepier endeavors.


6. The Sexual Innuendo Chick

Every time, every conversation… you are killing me! I have never led you to believe that I have any intentions other than friendship. I barely remember you from high school and that loose connection is the only reason that I friended you.

One more “that's what she said” and you are history!

What other kids of Facebook friends creep you out?


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