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6 Life Lessons I Have Learned From Watching House

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While I do enjoy watching TV my favorite show has to be house M.D. is very well written and well acted and full of useful information.

These are the things I've learned from watching House M.D.


Lying is super cool

Even though I've known this to be true, I never knew to what extent it was true. House has made an art form of lying and making it look super cool.


The best way to get out of work is to go into a coma

I think House has been in a coma one time for every year his show has been on the air. He has been shot, electrocuted, self-induced diabetic, and whatever medical hijinks he plans for this year… and his show hasn't even "jumped the shark" yet.


If you are a sarcastic a-hole superhot women will want you

The saying nice guys finish last is embodied in Dr. Houses personality.


Chicks dig the guy with the cane

Not a pimp cane, but a cane that assist you in walking. I think it's the nurturing in the instinct in women that might make them attracted to the injured, but either way I'm getting a cane.


You never have to iron your shirt if all of your other clothes are wrinkled

What is the point of ironing one piece of clothing when your jacket and pants are wrinkled? Keep them all wrinkled and it becomes "look."


You don't have to shave very often if you make the "unshaven" look popular

Don't get me wrong you don't want to get a uni-bomber beard going, but women seem to dig a little stubble.

So basicaly if you act like an ass and dress like a bum, chicks will dig you… Especially if you have a medical degree… or are an actor.

What have you learned from TV shows like House?


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