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6 Most Awkward Cell Phone Apps

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These days there’s literally an app for everything. You can deposit checks, buy Justin Bieber tickets, challenge people to lame word games and play Angry Birds 24/7,  all on your phone. The apps you choose to download are your business but… here are six totally awkward ones that you might have to explain to your friends if they ever steal your phone.


6. Punch a Hipster


Yes, hipsters are super annoying and suck the joy out of indie concerts, food trucks, and Urban Outfitters, but they’re not worth committing a hate crime over! This app lets you take out your hipster hate by literally punching different hipsters in the face. POW! Take that ironic facial hair! Feel better?


5. Period Tracker Deluxe


Sure, this is a great app if you’re a girl, but having your boyfriend keep track of your flow will get really awkward, really fast!


4. Fake Call Me


This app comes in handy if you’re in a boring meeting or date and need to get out of the situation fast. While it does have its benefits, you might have a hard time explaining it to your girlfriend who will constantly think every call from then on is a way for you to get out of hanging out with her! Can you say drama?


3. The Boyfriend Calculator


It’s good to know if your crush is compatible but don’t ever let them know you’re rating your future with them on your first date. I doubt they would want to know if they only rated 55% or that your date the night before was way cooler. Ouch!


2. Destroyer


If you catch yourself using this app all the time, you might want to look into anger management. This app lets you take out your anger on anything and anyone using missiles, lasers, or even tomatoes.


1. Track My Mate


It’s natural to want to know what your significant other is up to, but this app is just straight up creepy. Do you really need to know where they are all the time? If you have to use a cell phone app in order to have peace of mind about your gf/bf maybe they aren’t the right person for you. You don’t need a download to tell you that!

What’s the funniest/weirdest app you’ve ever downloaded? Let us know!

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