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6 Pop Culture Fan Bases That Are Fun to Rile Up

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Fans are wild, man. It’s not like they’re just out there, rooting for whatever they’re a fan of. Oh no, they make it their whole lives. Hell, sometimes they even geek out so hard they get horny. Of course, when you take something that seriously, you can easily be made furious, and oh boy can that be fun…

Star Wars

Look, we’re all lazy here, so we can be honest — there are few things easier than riling up Star Wars fans. They get so wound up that they got less angry about the Prequels than they did about Last Jedi for having the audacity to present to us a Luke that was different than he was 30 years ago. They’ll probably get mad even just seeing this!

Harry Potter

Harry Potter fans have absorbed the book to such a degree that some of them have problems making an analogy to anything that isn’t Harry Potter. So loyal are they to the text over anything else, they’ve now turned on the woman who wrote the books! Admittedly, it was very fair for them to have finally had enough of JK Rowling pretending there were even nods to diversity in the books, so I do get it.


It’s fun to rile up Western anime fans in the same way it’s fun to rile up teens over whatever the hell it is that teens like. And that’s because it’s both easy and creative — just refer to anime the wrong name — like Japanime, Japanese animation, Japanese anime — and watch the sparks fly.

The Beatles

Now that we’ve given the young a hard time, let’s switch over to the old. When ragging on The Beatles, don’t even bother with simple insults like “they weren’t that good” or “they weren’t that influential”. Say they straight up suck and set music back 15 years, then sit back and enjoy the rage.

The United States

So, there’s this country called “The United States of America” that has an enormous shared universe with tons and tons of movies and books and TV shows, and dude, people who like that place are OBSESSED with it. They will not let you badmouth it even slightly. For sure the craziest fan base there is.

Life Itself

Ever since I have begun to openly worship the physical incarnation of death, people are mad about it. Well, I’ll be laughing extra hard when my dark goddess rises from her ashes and wipes out all life on Earth. Owned, lol.

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