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6 Possible Rebecca Black Follow-up Hits

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By now we've all heard Rebecca Black's follow-up to her mega-hit, Friday–My Moment. And the verdict was that it isn't as 'bad' as Friday. But I would venture to say it wasn't as good in that deliciously bad way that Friday was. It was kind of meh. So I've come up with a few song suggestions that'll for sure put Becky B. back where she belongs, at the top of the crap-pop musical genre. Which is what we all really want…right?


I Got The Herp


This is a perfect song title to get people talking! What does she mean, she's got the herp? Is she talking about her derptastic ways or is there something more sinister here? Lyrics like 'Didn't mean to act so twitchy, but when I'm around you I get all itchy' will definitely raise some eyebrows! The best part of it all will be when Child Protective Authorities head down to Ark Music Factory and interrogate the rapper. 


It Really Hurts When You Tell Me To Go Die In A Fire


Rebecca answers the people who want her dead in this tender ballad. Lyrics like 'Every night I cry, thinking of all the ways you want me to die' will make even her biggest haters feel a little bad. Actually it'll probably make them laugh. Haters are mean, yo!


I AM The Dark Lord


Rebecca Black can get her metal on when she confesses to being the Dark Lord and thanks dark magic for all of her success. Instead of trying to make people like her, she just goes ballz out begging people to hate her. 'Nothing gets me hotter, than a dead Harry Potter' will be the new 'fun, fun, think about fun.'


Y U No Like Me?


Rebecca can go unplugged and really showcase her vocals on this number! Lyrics will consist of questions asking why her haters hate, like 'Is it because I'm such a bad sitter? Or u just mad that I trend on Twitter?' Naturally this song will only infuriate her haters more. And rage always brings the funny!


ROTFLMAO All The Way To The Bank (FT. The Lonely Island)


Rebecca could really make a comeback if she lays the braggadocio on thick in this sure to be hip hop comedy classic! It is scientific fact that nothing is funnier than uptight white girls getting all gangster on everyone's ass! Becky B. has mad money too. So rub it in all your hater's faces, girl! Nothing will piss them off more than seeing the video for this song, where you roll around on the floor with your thousand dollar custom-made Justin Bieber Pillow Pet whilst drinking Martinelli's Sparkling Apple Cider. Living the thug life is the best revenge!


You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone


Rebecca lays it on the table when she tells the world 'You know you'd miss loving to hate me!' The world responds with a resounding 'Try us!'

What are some other funny songs you'd like to see Rebecca record? Let us know in the comments!

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