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6 Reasons Why PDA’s Are A BAD Idea

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Recently two USC students decided to display their love for each other roof-top style. Naturally, someone was there to record the dirty deed and the pics soon hit the web, becoming an instant viral hit. Now, exposing your naughty bits to cameras and flip phones is definitely one reason to avoid publically displaying your affection for another — but it’s not the only one.


People Will Stare

Do you really need a 55 year old broad looking at you with sad eyes, longing for the days when she was a fresh young hoe instead of an unwanted old one? Is this glimpse of your possible future enough to make you stop your trashy ways? I hope not.


It Makes People Feel Bad

Every group has a girl that’s kind of like Hermione, only not as hot as Emma Watson. And Hermione is kind of annoying when she’s not Emma Watson hot. It’s just mean to make your fifth wheel wait for you while you get your PDA on. Although it does give her material to write sad lyrics about.


You Might Accidentally Touch Another Dude’s Butt

When showing your affection in a crowded room you always run the risk of touching someone unintentionally. This can be very dangerous… you may discover scary new feelings, feelings that make you question your sexuality or you might just get your a** whipped.


It Can Be Unsanitary

There are lots of things you shouldn’t want touching your bare skin. A damp cement wall, sticky bar floors or a guy who even thinks he’s gonna get his PDA on in a public restroom. Imagine how many other filthy, disgusting bathrooms his 'feet' have touched.


Public Boners Are Embarrassing

One definition for the word boner is a ‘spectacularly embarrassing mistake.’ Another definition is a spectacularly embarrassing mistake… in your pants!


Your Shameful Behavior Might Be in Someone’s Vacation Photos

This is the ultimate photobomb. There are so many reasons why it’s bad to get your PDA on in public but it is especially bad if you do it in a tourist hot spot. Besides guys, you’re only gonna pale in comparison to the Eiffel Tower.

What do you think about public displays of affection? Let’s discuss this pressing issue in the comments!

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