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6 Rejected MTV Reality Shows

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Despite countless evidence to the contrary, there are reality shows that even MTV thought were not suitable for air. Here are just a few.


Baby Alcoholics


In an attempt to avoid being accused of glamorizing teen pregnancy or sexualizing four-year-old beauty pageant contestants, the network went back to an age of pure innocence to show how having a TV film crew follow you 24/7 can make even the sweetest infant start hitting the Jameson hard.


Coma Victim


MTV tried to base an exciting reality series around a comatose patient, their family and their medical staff, only to wind up with 140 hours of unusable footage of closed eyes, doctors quietly shaking their heads when asked if there’s been any improvement and the spouse trying to find the nicest way possible to ask the coma patient if it’s okay if they start dating again


Monkey Found a Gun


Hoping to hit it big with an animal-based reality series, the network decided to see what would happen if an adorable monkey happened upon a Luger PO8 and then wandered into an unsuspecting town. The show was pulled when it was discovered the producers had not only given the monkey the gun but showed him how to use it, resulting in footage not even the news channels would touch.


I Think My Parents Are Aliens


Inspired by the success of The History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens,” MTV followed a child who honestly thought his parents were evil space beings. Unfortunately, the “child” in question was a 46-year-old man with a long history of mental problems living in his parent’s basement and writing “Deep Space Nine” fan fiction. The pilot was scrapped after most of the dialogue consisted of “I know why you won’t buy me my favorite ice cream! Because you’re one of THEM!”


Ghost Beach House


Capturing the wild and sexy exploits of invisible beings in a beach house seemed like the best—and cheapest—idea MTV ever had. But with no one ever actually on camera, dead silence during the confessionals and all the ghosts demanding a 300% raise before doing season two (“Ghost Beach House: Italy”), the show failed to make stars of what were some really untalented, poorly educated dead people.




Filmed on an iPhone by the show’s star, the series seemed to be about a woman who not only suffered from a severe facial abnormality but infected all those who shared the screen with her. The show was cut once MTV realized that not every single idiot on the planet needs to be turned into a celebrity.

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