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6 Road Trip Struggles You’ve Definitely Experienced

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Summer is upon us and that means one thing — you feel weird about drinking egg nog since it’s a Christmas thing, but you also really like the flavor so– what’s that? Summer doesn’t mean that for you? Okay. How about road trips? Does summer mean road trips for you? Harrumph. Simpleton. Anyway, if you’re like the masses of this plagued society of sheep and you go on road trips, then you can relate to these struggles:

1. The Pee Vote

You’re the only person in the car who has to go. Majority rules and majority ain’t stopping ‘til Missouri.

2. Eating “Healthy”

Corn nuts equals veggies. Beef jerky equals protein. Add that to Hot Cheetos, Mountain Dew, and a Choco Taco and you’ve got yourself a complete meal!

3. That One Person With an Aux Cord Who Loves Pitbull

Dale all up in this Hyundai.

4. Human Limbs

Backseats are the greatest illusion of all. They appear to be made with the express purpose of seating three humans yet they fail at doing that. I’m convinced their real purpose is housing my gym bag and papers I’ve had since high school.

5. All the Different Waze

This waze or that waze — which waze should you go?! Inevitably, a road trip will have at least one person convinced they don’t need GPS. In response, we suggest this:

6. Now that you’re in Missouri…

The gas station bathroom.

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