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6 Signs iCarly Hates Hobos Too Much

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The popular show "iCarly" was recently accused of making fun of hobos too much by a Huffington Post blogger. Is this true? Does the show make excessive fun of hobos? There is some evidence to suggest that when it comes to mocking the homeless, iCarly may have gone too far…


1. Miranda Cosgrove's Parents Were Killed By Hobos And She Swore To Get Revenge On Them

Miranda Cosgrove was walking out of a theatre in the arts district of Gotham City when her parents were gunned down by theiving hobos. The shock of it drove her to travel to a remote mountain village in Asia where she trained with Ra's Al Ghul in the art of hobo combat and webcasting her own TV show. She then came back to the United States determined to rid Gotham, and the world of every last hobo she could find.


2. The Show Tends To Test Poorly With Hobo Audiences

Hobos test audiences generally give the show unfavorable reviews, although to be fair many of them are mad because there are rules against eating beans out of a boot in the audience testing room.


3. The Head Writer On The Show Drives A Car That Runs On Hobo Tears

Honda briefly sold a version of the Honda Insight in 2009 that ran on tears cried by hobos. They quickly pulled the cars off the market when they realized that there weren't enough filling stations in the United States that had the hobo tears option. Dan Schneider, the head writer on iCarly, was one of the few people to purchase one. I'm not saying that Dan Schneider intentionally makes fun of hobos on iCarly to make them cry, but he does take a lot of road trips in that car…


4. The Original Title of iCarly, Before Nickelodeon Made Them Change It, Was "Take That, Hobos."

Could just have been that they liked that title, or it could mean something altogether more sinister.


5. Hobo Staff Writers On iCarly On Average Make 17% Less Than Other Equally Qualified Staff Writers

The Hobo staff writers on the show say this is because iCarly discriminates against hobos. iCarly producers vehemently deny those accusations, pointing out that most of the non-hobo staff writers have college degrees, whereas most of the hobo staff writers spent their early 20's riding in a boxcar trying to teach stray dogs how to bark along to songs on the harmonica.


6. The Show Constantly Makes Fun Of Hobos For No Reason In Scenes Completely Unrelated To Hobos

All the characters on the show, but particularly iCarly, will routinely attack hobos with no justification in scenes wholly unrelated to hobos or hobo themes.


What other evidence is there that iCarly makes fun of hobos too much? Let us know in the comments!


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