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6 Signs you Are An Internet Addict

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Are you a nethead? A cyber freak? Are you addicted to the internet and being online?

Lot's of people love using the internet, but some teens internet addiction is a real problem. Besides the bandwidth cost, internet addiction can cause real life depression, irritablity, and in extreme cases can affect your career and relationships.

Sounds stupid? Don't laugh so quick… Studies show that 5 – 10% of the people online are actually "web dependent" and that your average teenager spends 31 hours a week online. That's one day short of a full-time job!

Here are 5 sure signs that you've got a real problem.


1. Preoccupied With The Internet

Are you preoccupied with the internet? Are you distracted and irritable when you're away from your computer? Do you get pissed off when someone interrupts your internet time? Do you take your computer into a filthy public bathroom and set it on the pee covered? That's not only totally gross, but a sure sign that you're addicted.


2. Downplaying AKA Lying

"I'm doing my homework! I just stopped to check Facebook for a minute!" Sound familiar? If you're downplaying your internet time and telling lies… it's time to make a change.


3. Lose Track Of Time

Ever get up in the morning and sit down at your computer only to find… what seems like moment's later… the sun is setting and another day is lost online? Do you wake up infront of your computer covered in spider webs? That's a problem.


4. Out Of Control

Do you feel like you can't control yourself when it comes to the internet? Do you find yourself sitting at the computer when you swore you'd take some time off? When your parents told you that you need to get off? When your dinner is getting cold? If you don't feel like you can control yourself around the internet, you gotta problem man.


5. Euphoria & Guilt

Do you have feelings of euphoria when you're online? Does it make you really happy? Do you later feel guilty for spending too much time online? This push and pull is called "addiction" – get a sponsor!


6. Negative Impact

Is using the computer making a negative impact on your life? Does it affect your job? Relationships with other people? Have you even showered today? If being online takes you aways from things in your life that need to be done… including basic human hygiene… It's time for you to get up, take a shower and get some help!


It sounds silly but it's truly a growing problem. It can cause major depression and a lot of other problems. Do you know someone who is an internet junkie?

It may be time for an online intervention!


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