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6 Storylines I’d Like to See on ‘The Walking Dead’

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I’m a Walking Dead fan, through and through. Heck, I even liked Herschel’s farm. I’m probably the only person who didn’t want them to leave because I was like, “Yeah that’s what I’d be doing, chilling in the country.” But then, you know, all hell broke loose. I know that the series loosely follows along with the comics (reeeeal loosely), but here are some of my fire hot ideas that would justify deviating from the show’s source material:

1) Maggie gets her period

bloody maggie png

The ladies of the show are definitely getting their period every month, and yet we never even see them picking up tampons from a convenience store. What are they doing, feminine hygiene-wise? Please don’t tell me she’s just wadding a sock in her panties or something. Are you more likely to attract zombies on your period? Do brains smell like blood? I don’t know, but I think this could make for a really thought-provoking episode!

2) Rosita shaves her armpits

rosita armpits jpg

It’s clearly happening every day, but when does Rosita have time to shave her armpits? Where does she keep her razors on the road? I’d love to have a character call it out one day in a really polite way. Maybe Eugene says, “Hey, Rosita? I have a question, and I hope it doesn’t upset you. I’m really not judging, I swear, just searching to understand. How do you keep your pits so hairless? And why do you need to conform to patriarchal beauty standards after society has crumbled? Or is it just a personal preference?” I’d like to hear her reasoning. Sometimes I’m surprised they didn’t put her in heels. (Full disclosure — all of the female characters have armpits as hairless and smooth as a baby’s bottom, I just felt like singling out Rosita since she’s always improbably dressed up.)


3) Daryl takes a shower

wet hot jpg

It’s time. There should be a scene like at the end of Wet Hot American Summer where all of Daryl’s well-meaning friends grab him and drag him into a nice hot soapy shower as he flails in protest.


4) Maggie and Glenn make out

maggie glenn jpg

I like Glenn and Maggie as a couple, but bad sh*t is always happening to them, you know? We almost lost Glenn. WE ALMOST LOST HIM. He and Maggie are overdue for a date night where they talk about their eternal love and how it transcends time and space and brain eating. And then just a nice hot make-out (preferably while wearing clean outfits).


5) They run into a minor celebrity, like a TV weatherman

Dallas Raines jpg

The group isn’t really in the vicinity of any legitimately famous people, but I think it would be fun if they ran into a minor celebrity. Even though it’s the end of days, they’d still be a little star struck and giddy to meet them. I wanna see Rick giggle a bit as he shakes the hand of his childhood idol, from back when he wanted to be on Channel 5 Local News.


6) They meet someone who had heard of zombies before the zombie apocalypse

prepper couple jpg

Isn’t it a little strange that no one had ever heard of zombies before they showed up? Quirky. It would be cool if they met someone who was like “What are walkers? Oh, you mean zombies?” and then maybe they’d be like, “Yeah, I used to play Red Dead Redemption, I’ve been ready for this for ages.” Maybe they’d even meet one of those people who are constantly preparing for doomsday. I want to see how those dudes fare, you know? Everyone they’ve met so far has been pretty unprepared. How does the apocalypse shake out for the people who built bomb shelters in their basement with ten years of rations and enough guns for a small militia?


I hope you loved these very serious, incredibly interesting, and well-written ideas. What really stupid storylines would you like to see on The Walking Dead? Tell me @erikaheidewald or leave a comment!

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