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6 Superhero Sidekicks That Are Cooler Than Their Leader

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With all the hype superheroes have gotten over the last 450 years I thought I’d add a lesser talked topic into the conversations revolving around the magic that was Comic Con this past weekend. I thought of this topic a few days ago when I was doing my weekly Chris O’Donnel google search. And man, those movies really made Robin look lame. But it got me wondering, what are the coolest superhero sidekicks. So I made a list. Let me know what you think by tweeting at me @danborrelli or in the comments below.



In all areas where Robin falls short, courage, cunningness, legginess, Batgirl more than makes up for. She’s a quick, fearless police chief’s daughter who set out to prove herself and make a difference for the city she loves. Sort of like how Bob Dylan’s son didn’t want to just use his dad’s name for success, so he spent the better part of a decade playing in dingy dive bars before the Wallflowers finally made it. Batgirl is the epitome of drive, and guess what, she didn’t have billionaire parents and Liam Neesan teaching her karate to make it as a superhero.




Bottom line, he’s just cooler than you. He’s everyone’s favorite (and some people’s favoUrite) lesser known Avenger. But why? Maybe it’s the fact that he has such human qualities and realizes simply on a bow and arrow to save the world, or maybe it’s because he’s totally doin it with Scar Jo. But whatever the reason, Hawkeye clearly has a lot of heart. And in a team of cynical and jaded Avengers, he’s the one person who you can always count on to come through.



So mostly this is because of how awesome it was to watch Chloe Moretz flip butterfly knives and call people c*nts. But it raises the stakes of everything when the life of a 10 year hangs in the balance. It’s also fun to watch one kick the crap out of people. I for one hope that Nicholas Cage does have a daughter who turns out to be just as badass and we get a killer reality show out of it. Suck on that Kardashians.



It’s often a sidekick’s job to be the brains for their arrogant yet ignorant leader. In Arthur’s case, this was his only job. The Tick was pretty much brain damaged, so it was up to Arthur to insure that every single mission was accomplished. If it wasn’t for Arthur, the Tick would have been squashed a long time ago, and their city would be hero-less.



Okay, so she’s not a “hero”, but damn is she awesome. And CRAZY. It’s pretty bad when you make the Joker look like the normal one. I was really hoping we’d see a decked out Mary Kate Olsen in the latest Nolan movie, but it’s not looking likely. Especially since the internet has already ruined half the movie. Anyone else kinda miss dialup?



In my opinion, Elektra/Daredevil is the coolest relationship between two heroes. What’s missing from most of these stories is a real, human reason the sidekick cares for the leader. That is not only present in this story, but real. Elektra then works to be at a level not only to help DD, but in some ways surpass him. Plus the whole not-being-blind thing gives her a leg up.

What are your favorite sidekicks? Let me know by tweeting at me @DanBorrelli or in the comments below


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