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6 Things You Can Do if Nobody Liked Your Post on Facebook

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Uh oh! Did you post something dumb on Facebook? Did nobody like your post? It happens to the best of us. They can’t all be winners! Here are six things you could do if not a single person gave your post the thumbs up.

Delete it immediately

Immediately remove your post before anyone sees that nobody liked it. You might have the impulse to keep it up for a while to give people time to like it. But definitely do not do that. The longer it stays up, the more people will be able to see that nobody’s liked or commented on it. Nobody’s going to want to be the lone like on a status. Because that’s even sadder than having a status with no likes.

Claim your account was hacked

Quickly post that someone got into your Facebook account and was posting status updates. Sure, they made an inside joke that only you and your friends would get, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t posted by a 45-year-old Slovenian man who somehow got into your account, right?

Change your identity

There’s no way you can live this down, so it’s probably better if you start over. Cut your hair, bleach it, and get out of town forever. It might sound extreme, but remember, you made a joke on a social media site and nobody bothered to take two seconds out of their life to give a thumbs up to — desperate times call for desperate measures.

Hide on a remote island

You can’t drop off the face of the Earth, even if you want to. You can, however, hide away on a small island somewhere in the middle of the Indian Ocean. If you’re hiding somewhere who’s coordinates aren’t even known by the U.S. Navy, you’ll be safe from your social faux pas for sure.

Destroy Facebook as we know it

Nobody liked your Facebook status, so it’s probably better to just wipe out Facebook completely and any memory anyone has of the site. How? That’s up to you! Use your imagination! But the more people who forget this primitive thing called “Facebook”, the more people who will forget that one time you posted something that nobody clicked “like” on.

Create a new Facebook

Out of the ashes of what used to be Facebook, you can rebuild. Make a new immensely popular world-wide social network where people can post opinions and other people can “like” those opinions. It’s probably not hard? And while you’re at it, you might as well program the site to automatically make all your friends like all your posts. Problem solved!

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