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The 6 Types Of Instagram Photos

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It took over two years and over 100 million registered users to prove that when it comes to using Instagram, there really are only six photo options. (Well, seven if you count “It’s my Facebook profile pic that’s not quite good enough to be my actual Facebook profile pic.”)


“I’m eating food!”

instagram photos dinner dish


Alternatives: “The things people can draw in latte foam, by which I mean a heart or leaf.” “I made this cake all by myself. I’m going to eat this cake all by myself. I may have a problem.” “Yes, this is my eighth photo in a row of ramen noodles. You try being a foodie in this economy.”


“Look, skies have clouds.”

instagram photos clouds sky


Alternatives: “Look, skies have clouds AND the wing of an airplane because I got a window seat.” “Look, it’s the same clouds but now seen through tree branches.” “Look, it’s sunrise/Look, it’s sunset/Look, it’s sun glare as I take this photo through my windshield before driving into a mailbox.”


“My feet went to the beach.”

instagram photos beach sand feet


Alternatives: “My friends and I put our feet in a circle because we crazy like that. Also, a pentagram shape would have been too hard and scary.” “Here’s a close-up of my toenail polish. Please focus on the cool leopard print and not the fact I have foot fungus.” “This is a shot of my feet as I lie on the couch/walk on the street/realize I may have a very serious foot fetish.”


“Consider this my retweet of my text chat.”

instagram photos iphone ichat


Alternatives: “Consider this a retweet of someone else’s text chat, which I’ve convinced myself is not a creepy thing to do.” “This is a photo of a quote because nothing says ‘visual arts’ like words.” “This is a photo of a receipt in which the word ‘vodka’ shows up 11 times.”


“Buildings sure are tall when you look up at them.”

instagram photos look up skyscraper


Alternatives: “Sure, you may have seen the Empire State Building before, but have you ever seen it in ‘Earlybird’?” “This is the skyline of the city taken from across the river because I couldn’t afford a hotel actually in the city.” “Here’s proof I really did travel with 47 photos of people asleep in the airport.”


“My cat really should have his own Instagram account.”

instagram photos cat in bath


Alternatives: “No one ever hits ‘Like’ when I post a photo of myself or where I am so here’s another picture of Scruffles stretching.” “Here’s a photo of my two cats sleeping because if I had posted a photo of my five cats sleeping you would avoid me on the street.” “This actually is my cat’s Instagram account.”


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