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6 Ways to Break Up Virtually

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Break ups can be hard. It’s tough to end things with someone you once loved — or kinda’ thought you sorta’ almost loved — but who are now driving you totally insane. There is usually fighting, drama and all sorts of other social catastrophes involved…and it’s pretty stressful.

Breaking up without having to face the person is the best way to do it. And it used to involve just mailing a letter. But who knows how to do that anymore?
Luckily, with technology on your side, there are a few different ways to make your break up as quick and painless as possible. For you, at least.
Here are a few of the easiest break up escapes:

1. Post It on Their Facebook Wall

Facebook is great to tell your soon-to-be ex that it’s over…and let all their friends know, too.
Something simple like “I’m breaking up with you” should do the trick. Ignore all inquiries from the person looking for more information. Make sure to switch your relationship status to ‘single’ immediately following. For emphasis. 

2. I.M.

Sign on to iChat or AIM briefly, break up with them in one quick message, then immediately block them from your account. Feel free to continue chatting with future potential mates.

3. Twitter

Sending a tweet is like texting the entire world something. Want to tell the entire world you’re breaking up with your significant other? Perfect! You can do that.
Just don’t forget to @reply them, though. So they know, too. 

4. E-Mail

Not prepared to put the whole debacle on blast? That’s OK. You can simply e-mail the one you are dumping using one of your 12 social networking profiles. As always, then immediately block them in order to not illicit a response. 

5. Phone

This is a more intimate, yet still non-face-to-face break up strategy. Call or text them to become single again. These are very old-fashioned solutions that come with problems, like receiving tons of crazy texts or phone calls from the recipient of the break-up.
You will also need to change your phone number or block their numbers from coming to your phone — many carriers have parental controls that allow you to block numbers from contacting you.
A lot of hassle, so I would recommend this only if your internet is broken. 

6. Make a Web Video

If you really want to get creative with your break up, why not make a video? Aside from YouTube, there are tons of sites where you can post your videos.
Simply write a script — completely centered around you breaking up — and put yourself on camera. A web cam would even do. Upload to the site you prefer and get the link of the series to your soon-to-be ex. Or else, what’s the point?

Happy break up!

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