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6 Ways To Celebrate Groundhog Day

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Iiiit’s Groundhog Day! So, what are you going to do about it? Watch the movie? Listen to an announcement from a rodent? Here are some badass ways to celebrate what is probably the weirdest of holidays.


Wear Shorts Defiantly


Show your unfailing optimism and wear cutoffs and sandals to school. You’re not really going to let a judgmental woodchuck put you in a bad mood, are you? Sorry, Puxatawny Phil, global warming has rendered you irrelevant.


Party Hard The Night Before


February 2nd is a day devoted to a burrowing creature. Let’s use it as an excuse to be a total waste of space! Go out really hard the night before, and spend the day “hibernating.”


Shadow Someone


See what I did there? The groundhog sees its shadow. Following someone to work with the intention of learning about his/her job is also related to the word “shadow.” Screw it. You try writing this article.


Kill A Bobcat


Bobcats are one of the groundhog’s predators. They must be destroyed! 


Go See A Groundhog In Real Life


Think about it. Have you ever? I haven’t. I don’t know anyone who has. Maybe on a field trip to, like, a prairie museum but never just chilling in real life. Then again, I also try to stay away from lowlands and Pennsylvanians.


Pull An April Fool’s Day Prank


Everyone expects pranks on April Fool’s Day, but February 2 seems innocent enough. Put a land-beaver in someone’s bed! Tell someone the wrong forecast! Pranks are even more effective on non-traditional days of the year.

What are you doing to celebrate Groundhog Day? Let us know in the comments!

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