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6 Weird Pizza Toppings That Are Actually Great

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Oh pizza, you fav of the online content mills. You know what else people love about online? Weird stuff. So when one fav, pizza, and another fav, weird stuff, come together; well buddies, you all need to know about it. These are the weird pizza toppings that, if you give them a chance, I swear, you’ll like them!

Pineapple & Jalapeno

pineapple jalapeno pizza

I like jalapeno on pizza, but I’m one of those people (who seem very reasonable to me, by the way) who think that pineapple is gross on a pizza. Unless, that is, it’s included with jalapeno. In that case… oh baby, the combination of sweet and spicy is insanely perfect. Like, really good. Oh man.


egg pizza

Most of the ingredients on a “breakfast pizza” seem totally normally and reasonable, but then I saw the two eggs that had been baked into the middle of it; sunny side up, perfectly runny yolk that spills onto that dough and mixes with that cheese… The thing you should be the most skeptical on this one is getting the egg right; it’s hard to bake an egg in the oven.


corn pizza

I don’t like pineapple (aside from in the situation listed above) because it’s just simply too sweet. But corn? Corn on pizza is just the right amount of sweet. Plus, one of pizza’s flaws can be that it can end up all the same texture, but you through some crunchy ass corn on there, and you get some real variety.


broccoli pizza

The trick here is to make sure it’s marinated in something first; you can’t just throw raw broccoli on your pie.


anchovy pizza

When Michelangelo (the Ninja Turtle, not the man) would talk about putting anchovies on pizza, I’d be like “That is disgusting.” As I’ve gotten older, though, you know what I’ve realized? Anchovies are great, and they are especially great on pizza. Oh man, all small and crunchy and salty… oh baby.

White Clam Pie

white clam pie

I used to think this was some bourgeois east coast nonsense. A white sauce with G-D SHELL FISH on it?! Well, the votes are in (the votes being me having tasted it) and white clam pizza is incredible. Obnoxiously so. Like… can my preconceptions just be right for once in my life?!

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