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The 7 Best Places to Play Your Nintendo Switch

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After years of experimenting with “not quite there” consoles, Nintendo finally has a major hit on their hands with the Switch. What’s its draw? Thanks to its ability to, well, switch between handheld and docked mode, you can play the latest Mario and Zelda heavy-hitters anywhere you please. And if you’re looking for some location recommendations, we’ve compiled the best places to take you on your super Switch odyssey. Let’s-a-go!

Docked To Your TV


This might be obvious, but is still worth mentioning. At any point you can dock your Switch to your TV, and enjoy your games in full-rez, big-screen 1080p. Mario Kart has never looked this good!

On The Bus


Public transportation boredom be damned! Now you can get your game on as you ride to the hospital, amusing yourself with a quick game of Arms while your fellow riders look on in envy.

In The Waiting Room


Paging Dr. Mario! Forget those stale magazines — pull out your Switch in the hospital’s chilly waiting room, and let Golf Story stave away the sense of dread creeping in your brain. Is that person next to you coughing because they’re sick, or because they’re hella jealous?

As The Doctor Gives You The Bad News


Blah blah, bad news, yadda yadda, inoperable tumor, CAN IT, DOC! Pull out that lil’ Switch-o while your doctor prattles on about your horrible prognosis, and fill your brain with Puyo Puyo Tetris. Though it might be a tight squeeze next to your brain tumor!

In A Seedy Motel Room


Need a hit of no-strings-attached pleasure to counteract your assured death? We get it, hoss. All you have to do is call your coworker you’ve always lightly flirted with, rent one of those “by the hour” motel rooms, get under the sheets, and whip out your SWITCH! L.A. NOIRE FOREVER, BABY!

At Your Divorce Proceedings


Your spouse found out about your “extramarital affair”, and hit you with the conscious uncoupling news. Do you want to explain your horrible circumstances, express regret, and try to negotiate weekend visits with your children? Or do you want to shut everything down and play Splatoon 2? We think you know the answer.

In A Cardboard Box On The Side Of The Road


Your house was repossessed, your bank account eviscerated, and your disease remains ravaging. Desperate times call for desperate measures. It’s time to put away your Switch, reevaluate your life decisions, and fight for your life. After all, it’s never too late to make a WAIT WAIT WAIT THEY PUT SKYRIM ON SWITCH?! Uh… the light from the screen will illuminate your cardboard box handsomely!



The afterlife is a melancholy eternity. Floating forever in a void of blank desolation. But at least you can play the video game console Nintendo Switch portably. They can take everything else away from you… but they can’t take away handheld Snipperclips.

Where are your favorite places to Switch it up? And what games would you recommend for someone trying to negotiate a second chance on Earth to rewrite their sins? Send us your friend code on Twitter!