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7 Most Bizarre Superhero Pets

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We all love pets, even superheroes. But superheroes can't have normal pets because they'll accidentally crush them with their super strength. Imagine how bad Superman would feel every time he tore an ordinary hamster to pieces trying to tickle it's cheeks. So they get themselves super pets, ridiculous, ridiculous super pets.


Streaky The Supercat


Streaky is a cat that ate kryptonite and then got super powers, and like any cat would in his position, decided to do the right thing and join the Legion Of Super-Pets. Like most cats with super powers, his career ended when he attacked an evil alternate universe superhero named Overman, who then picked up Streaky and hurled him out of existence. My first cat, by contrast, was hit by a car.


Beppo The Super Monkey


Beppo stowed away in Superman's rocket to Earth when Superman was a baby and escaped when it crashed. Later he hid in the Kent house and pulled all sorts of bull**** like accidentally setting off fireworks and pissing everybody off before some writer thankfully realized he sucked and made him go away forever.


Rintrah The Minotaur


Rintrah is a wise, learned, well-read Minotaur who Dr. Strange can insert his soul into to go on missions that require the body of an ingenious Minotaur to accomplish. I still remember when Dr. Strange first went to Petsmart and asked, "Hey, do you have any giant, muscular pets I can fit my soul into to send on dangerous missions? Also, if so, do they prefer wet pet food or dry?"


Lockjaw The Mind Dog


Lockjaw is a giant super-strong pitbull that can eat metal, teleport, and has all the wisdom of the universe in the gem on his head. Trees are grateful when he urinates on them because he urine has all the wisdom in the universe.


Comet The Superhorse


Comet the Superhorse is unicorn that got turned into a regular horse that got turned into a horse with superpowers that runs into a dude when comets go by the Earth. He is Supergirl's horse and he also secretly wants to have sex with supergirl. The writer who created Comet, I assume, is considered "kind of a loner" by his neighbors.




Lobo's pet Dawg is a tough ass dog that follows Lobo around being a sadistic murderer with him. If you think it's gross when your cat drags a dead mouse into your house, think how gross it is when Dawg drags in a pile of bodies from the supermarket around the corner into Lobo's house.


Throg The Frog Version Of Thor


Throg is a frog that dresses and acts like and has the power of Thor. How much better would the kiss between Natalie Portman and Thor been at the end of "Thor" if Thor had been played by Throg instead of Chris Hemsworth?

What animal would you want as a super pet? Let us know in the comments!

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