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7 Breeds of Dog That You Shouldn’t Own

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Dogs are man's best friend. No one would argue that. They are a great relief in times of trouble, a protector, and constant companion. But some dogs just aren't a good idea to own. Here are some of the worst.


1. Sharpei

Sharpeis seem like a good idea to own. They're adorable and have a very agreeable temperament, but what Sharpei owners have found out, often all too late, is that Sharpeis love to turn your baby against you by leaning over its crib and whispering unfounded rumors about you to it in its sleep.


2. Beverly Hills Chihuahuas

Annoying, arrogant dogs with expensive taste, Beverly Hills Chihuahuas not only bark all the freaking time, but also tend to be real d*cks about the fact that you can only afford a used 1998 Honda Civic.


3. Dalmatians

Dalmatians would make great dogs individually, but they can only be purchased in groups of 101. Nothing's more horrifying than waking up in the middle of the night to 101 sets of tiny eyes staring at you in the darkness.


4. Furries

Never own a furry as a pet. They're even weirder than they seem, and they rarely if ever wash their costumes. Also, the vast majority of them are cannibals.


5. Taylor Lautner

You may think you're getting the best of both worlds here with a pouty well-built movie star that can turn into a fearsome and loyal wolf, but you haven't cleaned up waste until you've cleaned up Taylor Lautner waste.


6. Airbud

Airbud used to be famous, but ever since his movie career started winding down, he hasn't done a very good job coping with his waning celebrity. Owning Airbud mostly consists of you cleaning dog hair and empty beer bottles out of the jacuzzi, while Airbud drunkenly stumbles around behind you yelling at you that, "You think you're better than me?!?"


7. Dog21-X: Version Zero

Dog21-X:Version Zero has but one directive: Eliminate. Never own a dog whose only directive is to eliminate.


What other dog breeds shouldn't you own? Let us know in the comments!


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