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7 Cartoon Teachers We Want At Our School

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I’ve been seeing that Here Comes the Boom trailer around a lot, and it got me thinking: what makes a great teacher? In the movie Kevin James becomes an MMA fighter to save his school’s music program. Considering most of my teachers attempts to be “inspiring” were putting gold stars on my homework, getting punched in the face is pretty impressive.

We’ve all been inspired by real life teachers, but what about fake teachers? Would they be better? Here are 7 Cartoon Teachers We Want At Our School.


Mrs. Puff – SpongeBob Squarepants

best animated teacher mrs. puff


Mrs. Puff is the kind of teacher that will NEVER give up on somebody. Sure, she may act a little testy, but even after countless failed driving examinations, even after he’s sent her to the hospital and to jail, Mrs. Puff is still willing to get in a car with SpongeBob and let him take another driving test. That’s a quality teacher


Professor Oak – Pokémon

best animated teacher professor oak


A lot of teachers can tell you what to do, but Professor Oak knows the real way to learn anything it to try it for yourself. That’s why he doesn’t do years of training on how to capture/train dangerous monsters. He just hands kids a charmander, and sends 10-year-olds off into the world to fight rock monsters and stop an evil criminal organization. Good luck kid!


Mrs. Frizzle – Magic School Bus

best animated teacher magic school bus


Mrs. Frizzle teaches her kids about science using magic, which is way better than most science teachers. My biology teach didn’t even BELIEVE in magic, much less use it to make a bus full of students shrink down into microscopic size and tour the human body. We barely got a PowerPoint presentation.


Mr. Van Driessen – Beavis And Butthead

best animated teacher mr van driessen


In a lot of ways, Mr. Van Driessen is an amazing educator, willing to reach out and try teach every student, even the most unmotivated. Beavis and Butthead clearly have no interest in learning, and no real future, but Mr. Van Driessen is always there to get them to at least try.


Professor X – X-men

best animated teacher professor x


If you have Professor X as a teacher, it probably means you have some kind of cool mutant powers. I don’t even care if Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters isn’t accredited. I want to fly or have super strength or shoot lava out of my eyes.


Coach McGurik – Home Movies

best animated teacher coach mcgurik


Coach McGurik is technically a coach, but he’s a teacher/mentor figure nevertheless. Sure his advice isn’t GOOD, but he’s always looking to help Brendon. Also, he’s hilarious, and that’s always a plus.


Anakin Skywalker – Clone Wars

best animated teacher anakin skywalker


His Padawan Ahsoka is really his only student, but can you imagine learning how to be a Jedi from Anakin Skywalker? It would be like getting private science tutoring from Stephen Hawking, where also Stephen Hawking taught you how to use a laser sword


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