7 Cartoons That Would NEVER Work as a Live Action Film

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Lord knows I have a complicated relationship with cartoons, but I sure as hell have watched a lot of ’em. And frankly, I hope they stay as cartoons. Hollywood’s strip mining of our past for any possible IPs they could possibly make a dollar on has gotten ridiculous, and turning cartoons into live action movies is becoming a viable idea. The following cartoons, though, should maybe not even be attempted to be made into a live-action movie:


Thundercats has two things going against it for a live-action adaptation; every character is essentially wearing either a bathing suit or, like, tights, so you’re going to have to do some serious reimagining when it comes to costume design. Your second issue is that everyone looks cat-ish, which means some prosthetics are going to be needed. They would 100 percent be incredibly unsettling, and this movie would 100 percent end up giving any person who saw it nightmares.


You see Doug and you probably think “That’s stupid; everyone on Doug is just a person!” That, my annoying friend, is what makes it so difficult; people look like people, whereas the illustrators on Doug took some serious liberties as to what people look like. Are you just going to paint the actor playing Skeeter purple? What kind of hair do you give everyone who just has wavy lines where their hair should be? You’re doomed trying to get it right.

Adventure Time

The budget on an Adventure Time movie would be nuts; the show’s defining quality is its absolute surplus of imagination and creativity. God help you if you want to practical effects, because there’s absolutely nothing practical about this show.


A lot of actors already struggle with acting opposite yet-to-be-made CGI creations, but just imagination those poor actors trying to act opposite CGI dogs (maybe? I’m really not sure what the Animaniacs are supposed to be) who are jumping around, yelling, sexually harassing people. Every actor would come out looking like Michael Jordan in Space Jam.


After the debacle that was the ’80s He-Man movie, and the fact that the toys and cartoon aren’t in the zeitgeist and haven’t been for decades, this probably isn’t very high up on anyone’s “Movie to make” list. But if, by some wretched miracle, either of these movies were made, they almost assuredly would once again get the stupid “transported into our world” deal, thus robbing us of the insanely weird yet interesting world and mythology of the cartoons.

The Jetsons

Honestly, I just can’t imagine anyone having an appetite for a movie about the future that isn’t just unbelievably grim and horrific. Spare us this “banality of the future” crap.


No child actor on Earth is talented enough to capture the inhuman levels of annoying Caillou manages to reach. Not all the Dakotas in the world.

Love to have things adapted from medium to another. Yeah baby, extremely my jam.